Sai Silence

Sairam friends,

Sai Silence – The saint who has all the eight fold miracles * Ashtama Siddhi in him prefers to maintain silence most of the time. No matter how much you chant Sai Sai Sai , how many times you pray with tears or how many years you wait. Sai likes to remain silent.

I have seen Sai devotees who love him deeply and yet their life is not so happy. I see my own life as an example. Especially the past 9 month, i have gone through enough suffering making my parents worry and shed tears for i request them to give me more time to marry the girl i love dearly. To them, it won’t happen as her parents won’t agree and to me, it might happen as i believe in Sai Leela.

Every single day, i shed tears to saibaba to do a leela and bring the girl to my house with her parents. I say baba please do something or atleast bless me with ability to forget her.

I have hundreds of Sai devotees writing to me about problems in their life and sometimes i do reply. Its been over 12,000 such personal mails in the past few years. After showing a way to hundreds of Sai devotees in pain, i wonder why Sai maintain silence when i pray for my own welfare. Doesn’t Sai see my parents are too old and weak to wait for good to happen someday.

Probably that’s Sai’s way and i have to accept it. I love Sai and i really have to accept it.

Silence is one of the quality and nature of Sai :

When i look back at the time when Shirdi Sai Baba really lived in flesh and blood, i could understand the reason for Sai’s silence. Those days after 1910, huge crowd of devotees started coming to see Saibaba from Mumbai and various parts of the country. From few incidents, it’s very clear that Sai Baba though was very much like a ordinary fakir, did not allow every one who comes to him to meet him ( entering Dwarakamai)

The example of Sapatnekar in Sai Satcharitra shows how much Sai is strict in making sure only the deserving devotees gets his darshan and blessings. If a devotee can’t even enter Dwarakamai where’s the question of him/her talking to Sai to fulfill their desires?

probably, i am one of those sinner who doesn’t deserve Sai’s blessing as of now. I am sure Sai will do his leela someday but as of now Sai remains silent. This is the case with millions of Sai devotees who are in pain.

I know humble Mother living somewhere as a sai devotee worried about her child’s health.

I have seen responsible husbands who lost his job and finding it hard to get a better job.

There are couples who write me that it’s been so many years and still they are not blessed with child.

I hear painful situation about women who just got married and their husband harassed them and they don’t know what to do.

There are thousands of young men/women unable to bear the pain in their love and married life.

I know many children worried about their parents health when they get old.

So many such stories and so many devotees with various problems in life.

They all love Sai and they all are devoted to Sai. If one knows to Sing Aarti and other will show their devotion simply by lighting a lamp every morning and some other devotee will visit near by temple regularly.

Having so many devotees is a responsibility too. Like we can’t count the stars, we can’t count Sai devotees.

We must realize that when Sai is silent in our life, he is letting us learn the greatness of Shradha and Saburi – Faith and Patience.

May be our time has not come yet and Sai is silently planning our life. Sai’s ways are not easy to understand friends.

So hold on. Have faith and wait. You waited for months and years. I too have waited for years but Sai alone knows what our karmic bonds are? My humble request is to trust that Sai baba will show us a way no matter what happens.

Sai Silence is a article i wrote when am really pained why Sai is not helping me. Every wednesday when i climb up the roof of Sai mandhir in my hometown to offer garland for Sai, I feel like crying sitting over Dwarakamai. Like me, there are thousands of Men, Women and children experiencing Sai Silence.

Sai, We love your silence because after a long silence. You have to Speak and what you speak is our life.





6 thoughts on “Sai Silence”

  1. sai ram venkat,

    god bless u venkat,this is the first time i am posting a comment on ur the recent past i have come to know about ur then i have been reading ur divine articles, baba bless u for ur work.i respect u not only for the seva u do in the name of,but also for the reason that u respect ur parents.i have seen u on the video u have posted with ur friends and u were cooking traditional pongal with ur parents.
    u r doing such a good work, baba will bless u dont worry.i myself started finding solutions for my daily problems in ur sai speaks column. i feel so happy after reading selected no.,now i daily open starsai to see for ur articles. the pictures u have posted r really beautifull and divine. sradha and saburi pooja, lighting lamps before baba is really wonderfull.i love lighting lamps and every day i light lamps but after reading ur article i started lighting more lamps in my pooja room. i am planning to light 108 lamps before baba using lemons,coconut,earthen dias and candles(i am staying in US) so i cannot light all the 108 lamps using oil or ghee, so i have to use some candles,i will send those photos to u.
    sradha and saburi r the only two things BABA has asked from us, we will try our best to to give what baba has asked, rest he will take care of everything.
    from the bottom of my heart i say BABA bless u and ur parents venkat, i wish baba will fullfill all ur wishes, u lead a prospres and healthy life, do take good care of ur parents, keep on doing good work in the name of starsai.

    i forgot to mention about the temple u have built for baba in ur home, it is really beautiful.

    sai ram

  2. Sai Baba had once said……. I give my devotees whatever they ask for until they ask for what I want to give them. So, Baba’s silence to your wants , simply signifies that he wants you to ask from Him only that which He wishes to give you……… So, just pray to Baba seeking only that which He wants to give you. And that is the best way to express your SHRADDHA towards your Guru. Silence of Sai to me, is an indication that what I’m asking for is eventually not beneficial for me . Sai’s silence conveys the message ……. Ask for what Sai chooses to give you…. My personal experience has taught me this. once you receive His choice of blessing, you will be surprised by its manifold positive effect on your life. I don’t want to disclose my story over here but in case you are really interested to be inspired do mail me.

  3. Dear Venkat Anna

    I pray to Baba to bless you and your family. His silence is unbearable at times but the reason he is making you go through so much pain shows that he has considered you worthy to be tested. Diamond only gets to its best form after thorough polishing. You being such a blessed child of Baba may be he wants to really polish you in the same way so that you can shine as a diamond and be in your best form.

    I hope very soon Baba answers all your prayers and bless you with everything. Your love and devotion towards him is truly inspiring. May Baba bless us all & be with us at all times.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Hi Venkat Anna!!

    I m a regular reader of your articles .. And I am a sai devotee I Hv lost everything in my life bt still I cld not loose love on sai!!!! Ppl do say y baba is not listening to your prayers and y s he not helping you … We have just done once pooja to baba and helped us but not u who s a great devotee of baba … Every time when every speak about me like I feel like dying bt still I keep silence BCz I feel some or the other day baba will surely bless me!!! As I am facing problems since 9 yrs bt still every time I cry and ask baba r u with me or not bt baba is always silent and I continue my prayers to him !! This time I m n serious problem hope baba will show his blessing on me to come out of this issue!!! Plz do pray fr me!! I get lots of relief when ever I read ur articles hope this is helping many sai devotees like me!!! May baba bless with lots of happiness and health Anna!! Om SaiRam!!!

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