I wish to listen to Positive experiences from Shirdi Saibaba devotees

Sairam friends,

Nowadays, I am not happy with what I write in StarSai. I simply express my views, some Sai Leela, and what’s happening in my life. Obviously this is all I could do but I wish to listen to positive experiences from Shirdi Saibaba devotees.

Think about waking up and reading 2-3 mails every morning from devotees about their problem. Why everyone shares their bad happening to me? Very few times, people share their good news and happenings with me. I feel something is wrong about the way I project StarSai.

I tried to create a School kind of structure where people have step by step ways to lead a better life. The script is not working well and I left the idea. I am thinking about giving a break for a few days until my life changes and then continue to write in StarSai as I wonder why is actually benefited by my articles in the recent past?

OK. I am too late now friends

Please share any good experiences you had by the grace of Saibaba

Tata and have a good day


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5 thoughts on “I wish to listen to Positive experiences from Shirdi Saibaba devotees”

  1. Sai Ram. My life s going only on the blessings of sai. I.ve just left everything to sai and i see sai in every small move i make. Which i really enjoy, sometimes i feel really mesmerised the way i feel when i love baba so much so deeply and truly. but it happens when i don think of truly i don feel him. so jus trying to keep myself in baba’s remembrance always and just enjoy whatever he does to me. baba says” My people do not come to me of their own accord; it is I who seek and bring them to me.” So I.m happy baba has taken me to him and i will love him such that he will never leave me. Jai Sai Ram. Just love him deeply. Trust will arise unknowingly.
    OM SAI

  2. Aum Sri Sairam …
    It was our wedding day and we went to some temples near our house . We visited Someshwara temple , Hanuman temple . Out of no where my wife said lets go to a Ganesh temple . Without any hesitation we went there and what a moment when we entered the temple…just by the Side of Ganesha was our beloved Sri Sai . We have been staying near the place for 4 years and Sri Sai blessed us on that day by giving dharshan for the frist time. My eyes were filled with tears and keep thinking of this incident every now and then…When you chant any diety’s name , guidance comes from the supreme… and we being guided to go to Ganesh temple was our Sri Sai Baba’s guidance…

    Aum Sri Sairam…..

  3. I’m sai ram. Sai whatever I am today is all because of you. I can’t forget you and your blessings. Thanks sai. I really love you

  4. Omm sairam,
    Its been 2-3 years,am under the wings of Sai.I think my life has change for better ,not that I m free from my worries,they are still the same,but now am much more calmer.I feel his presence around me.I just keep remembering him every now and then.I like doing little things for him.I feel he is looking at us and working in the background and will ,surely act when the right time comes.Till then ,hold on and never ever give up on Sai.

  5. Im being as a sai devotee for almost 3 years..I gain such a wonderfullblessing from my sai baba..Ican say only one thing..he is more than anything and i can sacrifice anything to my baba..i love him alot and it wont reduce at any cost..his love and care towards me are endless and no words to describe it..baba we are your child and please protect us from all the sufferings and give us the happyness by seeing ur feet.

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