Sai blessed me with dream of Sri Hanuman in a forest temple

Sairam friends,

I was worried about few issues at work. I came home directly. My Father was busy all day as they had Sankabishekam ( Offering of 1008 Sangu – Conch for Lord Shiva) in Colony temple. My Ma gave me holy ash and prasad. Then, I slept listening to Sri Sai Satcharitra audio in Mobile.

Since, Its not safe to keep mobile in close proximity all night, I switched off Sai Satcharitra audio, hugged Sai Satcharitra and slept off. I woke up 4.30 and again slept.

I was blessed with below dream.

I am going with my aunt and my parents to a Hanuman temple but we are not able to make it there. We keep trying to reach the temple. Finally, I am asked by a saint to go to Hanuman temple and collect prasad offered by priest. The priest himself takes me to this Hanuman temple in forest.

It is already 10.30 at night when I reach the temple. I wanted to take bath before I collect prasad of Hanuman as its very sacred. So I run to a bore pipe near by and peep in my head and try to take bath. Water doesn’t come. So I use a pot and pour water on my head.

The priest was wondering how I am able to bath though it was too late at night and its too cold. Anyway, I collect Hanuman prasad and happily worship him.

I woke up and searched for Hanuman temple situated in a forest. I found a temple which is near Krishna River in Telangana, India.

Maddimadugu Hanuman Temple

Maddimadugu Hanuman temple
Maddimadugu Hanuman temple

This Hanuman temple is not actually in a forest but it would have been a dense forest several hundred years back. I liked it so much and checked the Map.

hanuman temple Telangana-map
See how Krishna River flows through this village

Sai has immense respect for Sri Hanuman. When the Chavdi procession takes place, Sai used to stand in a place and raise his arms up and down for few minutes facing the Hanuman temple.

I believe Saibaba is asking me to show devotion on Hanuman by this dream. So I listened to Hanuman bhajans this morning.

I feel blissful now.

Sai ki jai


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