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Saibaba of Shirdi - The great Indian Saint
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Saibaba of Shirdi - The great Indian Saint lives forever and ever

Saibaba of Shirdi was first seen as a Young lad of approximately 16 years of age in the Maharastra state of India in a small village called Shirdi. When Saibaba had his Mahasamadhi in 1918, thousands of his devotees were worried that they won't be able to see saibaba , touch him and speak to him. Saibaba has assured that he will surely be alive and active even from his samadhi. To some devotees saibaba appeared in dream and asked them to continue the Arti in the samadhi mandhir and offer flowers to the samadhi. To some devotees saibaba requested to send shawl ( cloth ) to be offered over the samadhi.

From 1918 to 1930's the number of devotees who comes to have darshan of shirdi saibaba samadhi and his dwarakamai went from hundreds to as low as 5 devotees a day. Few of saibaba's close devotees felt like many other saints saibaba's fame also has come down after his samadhi.

It was in the year 1936 when Narasimha swamiji discovered a Guru in saibaba dedicated his life time in the service of saibaba, that sai movement became famous once again. One of my greatest inspiration for Sai seva is Narasimha swamiji because his life story is so beautiful that it took 18 years for Narasimha swamiji to get a guru like our shirdi saibaba.

Friends, Now lets thank saibaba for being so sweet to all of us . Saibaba has pulled us to his kingdom very soon and we are in his lap like children. Lets keep chanting Sai Sai Sai and always remember the holy feets of the greatest Saint ever " Saibaba of Shirdi "

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Saibaba of shirdi : The beauty in Shirdi Saibaba

Sai baba of shirdi is how people love to call him as this sweet "shirdi" saibaba has all qualities that a real saint must have.
He is simple but superior in the hearts of sai devotees,humble but kept in high place the life of sai devotees, silent but very famous in india and all over the world .Ofcoruse theres only one sun and in the internal universe of my heart shirdi saibaba is the only sun.

When one remembers saibaba of shirdi what comes to mind is his

1. A Sweet smiling face ...

There are few shirdi sai statues and photos where sai wont smile .In Nagasai mandhir at coimbatore where i regularly go , theres a big painting behind the main sai baba statue. I love that painting because baba will be smiling as if he is happy to see me. I will stand in adjacent to the left side wall and stare at this beautiful baba painting with smiling face. I love baba so much because everyday he seems to say something to me, he seems to say how happy he is to see me and how good my future is going to be. I see him as a friend and love. Theres no one happy moment in this birth than looking at this beautiful painting where shirdi sai sits under a tree with his usual pose of keeping right legs over left. The best part is the painting.

I will consider it as a gift if someday i get a chance to take photo of this sai painting. The reason i write this is that , dear friends, Please keep a happily smiling shirdi sai photo in your house and when ever you are sad or need a answer from baba for some help, look at him , talk to him and express all your emotins to him. He will surely listen to you and make you do things residing in your heart. Sai is so kind . Chant sai sai sai for 10 minutes looking at his smiling face. This will wash away all your past karma and bring enormous peace in your life in the days ahead....

2.White beard and wrinkles which shows his understanding of devotees past, present and future...

Shirdi sai baba is powerful at the same time he never uses his powers everytime devotees expects. Theres a time and space for saints to act on his devotees life. A devotee will get wisdom only if he or she understands life in a better way, change some of their bad behaviours or attitudes etc.For a sai devotee to become a better person he or she must surrender to sai completely with their mind , body and soul. Sai has lived in shirdi for over 60 years and given blessings to hundreds even when he was too young and during his middle age. Why is that he has chosen to be popular with this old age. Am sure sai himself decided that his devotees must see him and pray him with this beautiful old age face with white beard and wrinkles.

If we associate the old age look ,his wrinkles and white beard is an indication of his "Understanding" of each and everyone of his devotees. Sometimes when sai is not helping us , we get irritated , angry with sai and cry to him .Some devotees even stop praying baba. Remember one thing. We know only about good deeds we did in this life but our sai knows what we did in several past birth and what our ancestors did. The sins done by us and our ancestors will surely effect our peace in this life. How can sai help immediately when he knows our ancenstors past deeds must be "Payed back" .

You can ask what will i know about the sins i did in past birth or what my ancestors did.why cant sai help me now. ...Its true ...sai can help but to get wisdom in life, a devotee must go through sufferings . Only then he will get maturity to get the real gift of sai. A true devotee of shirdi sai will have this attitude ...he must say " Even when i am facing difficulties and suffering in life, i know shirdi saibaba is keeping me in his lap and blessing me every minute" ...some people has to suffer few months, some for years but best way to show your love on sai forever is to remember that sai always cares for you. .The wrinkles in sais face denotes his several births of association with his devotees. May be we would have prayed baba when is was in form of someother guru during our previous several births.

3. Holy hands that blesses with rays from the palm reaching the head of humble sai devotees :

My guru used to give me a beautiful explanation for paintings where rays comes from shirdi saibabas palm. It means, the five fingers denotes the five elements of Nature. Earth, Air,Fire,Water and Space. Nature has both good and bad qualities in it. Some favours human beings and some hurts .. A saint is capable of taking the bad effects of Nature in his own body , filter it and bless his devotees only with the good part from nature. Remember all the wealth, what ever you see on this planet and even our own body is composed of five elements of nature. so health, wealth and happiness comes only when nature offers him or her in its good part. When you see baba blessing with rays, it means he filters natures bad qualities to his own body and blesses you only with good qualities. Sais rays of blessing will bring you and your family members good health, education, good career, children, peace and prosperity.

Deep dark sharp eyes of Shirdi saibaba :

Shirdi sais eyes according to me is embedding several crores of devar , sidhar and good angels. Thats why mere Darshan of shirdi saibaba can bring unknown peace and joy in our hearts. During babas life time, some devotees will go to dwarakamai with pride and prejuduice in their mind. Some will say i wont bend and do pranams for a poor fakir. The moment they see babas face, they forget their senses and fall in his feet. Such is shirdi sais glory. when i write this i feel tears in my eyes.

I wish i had seen baba once in this birth.All i could do is to imagine saibaba loves me and when ever i hug sai satcharita book or saibaba statue ( yes i am childish and thats how deep is the love that sai and i share ) , i feel baba is with me and sometimes i do get visions where baba is sitting besides dhuni and smiling....It could be vision or imagination .All i know is theres no rules to show our devotion and love for shirdi saibaba. He is a God of mercy. He is the most sweet humble saint who accepts any kind of love if its given from pure heart.

Keeep Meditating on Shirdi Saibaba's Photo and Statue in your house and Saibaba temple

I have spent several days and nights in my life just looking at shirdi saibabas photo. I see his eyes...i see babas eyes. i see my sais eyes. I start to get tears of joy because i know 1000 percent sure, when we see baba with love, he looks at you and he seems to speak to you. Like you want to hug him and fall in his holy feets, he also wants to hug you and express his love for you...

Look at shirdi saibabas statue or photo and chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai for ever as long as you can and you can feel what babas love for you means.

Turban on head and torn clothes :

Many times i never regret to go to Nagasai mandhir with shirts that wont have button or what ever crap. To me a servant of sai must experience what ever sai has experienced. Theres nothing wrong in being simple and sai also loves it. I love saibabas turban a lot. sometimes i feel its better to see sai with turban always than with golder crown. We call him "sai maharaj" but in reality sai is so sweet , poor and humble. He says am waiting for my devotees darshan as much as they want to see me. To him rich and poor devotees or same.

Satisfy yourself in your pilgrimage to shirdi :

I must tell you a good incident. While we were at shirdi in 2006, we saw few devotees going easily with vip pass for samadhi mandhir darshan and we had to stand in long que. What we felt painful was few vips were allowed to enter from the door adjacent to babas statue. We felt they were lucky to see baba standing so close for a long time. When we came out and told this to a sai devotee, he asked us a simple question.....

"They all saw baba for a long time standing close to the statue but did you realize if baba saw them or not ? "

What i mean to say is, please dont think only if you stand close to saibaba statue in samadhi mandhir, it means sais blessing is with you. Lakhs of people comes to shirdi everyday . How can all of us stand close to statue in samadhi mandhir or how can we spend long time in dwarakamai ? Just remember this. For a true affectionate devotee, no matter how far you stand or how little time you saw baba, baba has seen you. Trust me, Baba has seen you. Even if you are standing admist huge crowd and even if you are sitting behind a pillar or sitting in last row of samadhi mandhir darshan, baba has seen you. Baba lives in your own heart and so he knows whos love is real. If your love and affection on shirdi saibaba is true and unconditional , sai has seen you and he will surely bless you whole heartedly.

Its "shirdi visit" or "shirdi trip" for devotees , for sai, it is him who wants to see us :

Instead of worrying about the way you got darshan,please always chant and remember sai sai sai....all through your shirdi visit. Try to walk 10 minutes in the prasadalaya road...walk into the village...remember sai would have walked in this places.Try to walk in shirdi roads with your friends and family talking about sai whole heartedly. Trust me sai loves it more when you remember him and sai is looking at you when ever you think of you. Whats important ? Is it just peaceful darshan for a long time or practice of remembering sai and making sai himself look at us. Only for devotees we say friends that we are going for a shirdi trip or shirdi visit or to see saibaba...In reality, It is this sweet saint sai who wants to see us and that can happen only when you remember sai whole heartedly with no distraction and pure mind.

Sai's ways are unique : Mystry is way of shirdi saibaba of india :

I have seen many books and international websites writing biography of our shirdi saibaba as if he is a scientist or philosopher. I understand theres nothing wrong in writing shirdi saibaba ( approx 1838 to 1918 ) but common, He is a saint who never wanted to disclose his past at all. Its easy for us to do research to find where shirdi sai was born and what he did for his first 16 years before he was seen as a boy meditating under a neem tree in the village of shirdi. Why should sai decide that its better not to disclose his past. Probably because one of the main reason of his avatar was to unite people of all religions. If he discloses his past and associate him either with hindu or muslim parent it could deviate from one of his important goal which is to unite people of all religions.

As far as i know sai has given only one clear information about his past in sai satcharita. W hen shirdi people were curious to know about past of sai, Due to Kandoba blessings ( a village diety )a was possessed by Lord kandoba and told asked them to dig a hole under a tree. The hole lead to a cellar and five lamps glowing which is now named as Nandadeep. The village people turned to sai and asked about this 5 lamps which were glowing. Baba was not interested in gathering a crowd. He dispersed them saying this is his Gurus place where he practiced penance and learnt a lot from his Guru for the first 10 years of his life. Even now Nanda deep is my favourite place in shirdi saibaba santhans samadhi mandhir complex.

There is another spiritual reason why shirdi sai never disclosed his past life. Shirdi sais age cant be determained. The soul of shirdi sai has taken many avatars. So the real age of shirdi saibaba could be lakhs of years. I know few who read this will call me a fool. There are reasons i have this attitude because baba dint just say that all saints are one.

He once mentions clearly to a devotee who wants to go to Akalkot. baba says "Why go to Akalkot.That Maharaj is now in shirdi and this is his place now". There are many instances where sai says to a purticular devotee as this "I am watching him and caring for him past 700 years " ...The beautiful way to describe sais previous birth relationship with us is through this words he spoke " i know my devotees for 64 generations"

Shirdi saibabas guru - Vengusa :

Shirdi saibaba has said to few devotees and shirdi people that his Gurus name is Vengusa. I understood this could be a saint who did tapas in Thirupathi hills.( theres no proff for this from my of very good servant of sai, living in shirdi gave this info to me ) Remember Thirupathi before 200 years in early 18th century would have just been a huge jungle .Sindhars also lived in Thirupathi . so lets not relate that to thirupathi of present days. So in August 2007, when i went to Thirupathi , i was chanting " sai vengusa....sai vengusa ...sai vengusa..." it was really helpful as i got a good vision while i was at thirupathi which i will treasure all life. I really dont know why sai din't gave much details about his Guru also during his life time.

May be his guru himself dont want to deviate devotees from hold of sai. May be his Guru knows sai is capable of understanding and doing good to devotees than sending them to his Guru. Even if you learn about shirdi sais Guru, do do your prayers to sais guru. At the same time remember the avatar of shirdi sai is very unique and am sure babas guru himself wants us to remember, worship and serve shirdi saibaba. So lets remember babas guru when we are in Nanda deep in shirdi and pray babas guru to give more powers to sai and also increase our shradha and saburi ( patience and faith ) on sai...

All this and more reasons are there why shirdi sai never gave proper answer to anyone when asked who are his parents and what was his past. Sai wants us to focus whole heartedly on one guru with out using our knowledge. I mean, why should we be inquisitive about past and future. Baba himself knows whats happened in past and in future too.At times baba says whats the use of telling the whats going to happen in my devotees life in future .Nothing is going to change . If something is supposed to happen, it will surely happen because karma is not transferable. we have to suffer for our past deeds in this or previos birth. So what can save us. Only our faith and unconditional love and patince untill shirdi saibaba comes down to give us his hand and help us can protect us.

Always chant sai sai sai

Read sai satcharita writeen by hamadpant

Do little good deeds like giving food , clothes to poor, help in education of poor kids etc, help u r good friends

Light lamps at home and in temple regularly

always think sai sai sai.....think only good things and make your charecter good.

Surely saibaba of shirdi will bless you whole heartedly and you enjoy the rewards of your devotion someday in your life

Shirdi saibaba, forgive me for any mistakes in this article. I fall in your feet and offer this little servants views in your path.

I request shirdi sai devotees to accept what they like alone . During babas life time, baba was eating onion with chapathi when a devetee came to him seeking brahma gyan.The devotee thinks in his mind, how can this saint who eats onion with chapathi clear my doubts and help me get brahma gyan. Baba through his omnisense immediately understands what the devotee feels and says " One who can digest onion must eat, others can leave it"

Similarly , please understand what ever i wrote is my own love for shirdi saibaba. Its truely personal reasons for me to believe and speak and write only about saibaba of "SHIRDI" . If you like what i wrote,accept it whole heartedly or leave it . To me theres only one sun in the universe and he is saibaba of shirdi .

Starsai is my love for this beautiful sweet holy pleasant "light"

The light in my soul and the one whos light is known to me after very long years of sharing love with him , sai did blessed me with his light and its my parents good deeds and blessings which helped me to associate me with shirdi saibaba to this extent. For four years in my late 20's no other parents will allow their sun to come around dhuni for several lakh of times in the past 3 years ..without studying and working. I know someday my life will be good. I know my sai will guide me and show me a way....

Sai - You are my heart. ...You are my soul and all my life i will only remember you, serve you and seek refuge in you.

Shirdi saibaba bless family of all who reads this article with pure devotion

Aum sri sai ram
Aum sri sai ram
Aum sri sai ram

Venkat Raman


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