Auspicious 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram, This morning I went for a good walking. A walking I won’t forget for my lifetime because I am not sure if I can do it forever. I am happy that once again, a devotee was inspired by 108 lamps pooja article and did this divine Pooja in her home. Lighting lamps… Read More »

Walking in Coimbatore remembering Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, This morning, My Father gave me Coffee at 6 A.M. I drank and slept again. I had a dream as if I am inside Engine of the train and the driver is skillfully handling the train. I see a Man with a Bullet trying to play around in the railway track not minding… Read More »

Guru Purnima in 1860

Sairam friends, I wish to go back in Time machine when Shirdi Saibaba was a young lad and there were just 2-3 people who realized that he is a great saint and has powers to change one’s life. I am imagining what these 2 people would have done on the holy Guru Purnima. Many people… Read More »

Auspicious Guru Purnima

Sairam friends, Guru Purnima is on Friday, July 31st, 2015. I wish everyone who reads this tries to remember Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Dattatreya for few minutes on Friday. You will be blessed immensely. One of the article I would recommend You to read is linked below. Eight things you can do on Guru Purnima… Read More »

Sainath, We are eager to drink the nectar of Your speech

Sairam friends, On Sunday morning, I had a dream as if I am holding a little Ganesha in my palm and laid down in a school ground. I went for walking over 3 K.Ms and there was a temple of Lord Ganesha who’s trunk is towards right. We call him Valampuri Vinayakar. I prayed standing in… Read More »

Dream of Sri Hanuman and 108 lamps for Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, Last night, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my place and stood in parking lot for an hour. I usually like to remember Sai staying away from distance if its crowded. Then, I came home and slept early. Sai blessed me with a dream as below. I see myself in a friends… Read More »

Sai Leela is beyond imagination

Sairam friends, I like Sai devotees who clearly have the incidents in their mind when Sai helped them and protected them by his leela. Vast majority of us does know Saibaba helped us in past but we tend to forget how much he cares for us. I receieved a very simple and sweet devotees experience… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba blessed me with a dream of Shiv Ling

Sairam friends, Last night, I was really worried. Hence, I lit lamp, kept looking at it and slept off. I woke up at 3.45 A.M and lit lamps to Shirdi Saibaba. I prayed Sai to guide me. I slept off again and Saibaba blessed me with the following dream. Before that, here’s a beautiful Shirdi… Read More »

Sai, Save us from illusions by granting us your darshan

Sairam friends, The weekend was too hectic for me as I was doing some work. In the evening, I went to temple. My Dad was not well but last evening, We went to the Sai Baba mandir which assured me that Sai will heal him. I created an imaginary character called “Chottu and Tottu”. They… Read More »

Sai, Show us your lotus feet

Sairam friends, I had some strange dream this morning as if me and my parents do some pooja in a hut. A Man comes and asks me to buy a flat in Mumbai and I am speaking to him wondering why should I? Fortunately, the pooja was completed well. We can never understand Sai’s dreams.… Read More »

Break my worldly shackles with your own hands Saibaba

Sairam friends, I was really depressed last night. I don’t know what to do about it accept remembering Sai to show me a way. Here’s a beautiful lyrics from Kakad Aarti of Saibaba Tukaahmane Devaa maajzee vedeevaakudee Naame bhavapaasaa haathee aapulyaa thondi Tuka says: In whatever haphazard and worthless way I call you O God,… Read More »

Sai, I desire to have refuge at your feet

Sairam friends, In today’s Saibaba’s Aarti message, we have this beautiful lyrics from Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Akhandeeta asaave aise vaatate paayee Sandoonee sankoch ttaava todaasaa deyee. Since I desire to be at your feet always, give me shelter, leaving aside all reservations. The translation by Zarine is so beautiful that Its easy for me… Read More »

Saibaba saves a baby with his ray of blessings

Sairam, I received this devotees experience and felt its truly amazing example of faith during difficult times in life. Read on… It’s the perfect time I saw this page. I was actually waiting to write my own experience with sai blessings. I delivered a boy in Feb 2014. We were overwhelmed that it was a… Read More »

Pooja for Lord Rama, Sita and Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, Once in a while, I receive photos of Shirdi Saibaba Pooja from devotees. I like to see photos taken by devotees in their pooja place. It inspires me to have more devotion on Baba. Please have a look at the below photo and devotees mail. Dear Venkat, First of all I will thank… Read More »

I don’t know if I have real devotion but I have come to you Sai

Sairam friends, I always wondered if I am really devoted to Saibaba or simply showing devotion on him for sake of it. Many times, you will realize that your devotion and faith on Sai is controlled by your mood. If something goes wrong, we immediately don’t feel like showing real devotion on Baba. Here’s the… Read More »

With folded hands, I lay my head at your feet – Sai Baba Aarti

Sairam friends, Once in a while, I wish to write about lyrics from Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti. Here’s the first sentence in Saibaba Kakad Aarti sung early in the morning. 1. Joduniyaa kara charanee ttevilaa mathaa Parisawee vinanthee maajzee Sadgurunaathaa With folded hands, I lay my head at your feet. O Sadgurunatha, please listen to my… Read More »

Saibaba cares for well being of all in your family

Sairam friends, In the past several years, I have experienced several ways Saibaba helps someone in my family when they are not feeling well. Its really something Saibaba does on his own without you asking for. Many people judge Sai’s care and love on them based on the success and failure in their life. Remember… Read More »

4 ways to show your love on Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown last evening, did prayers, came around Dhuni as I love it a lot and reached home. I wanted to do something creative for Sai. I realized people need something more than articles as many of us don’t read but simply scan the words when… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba Aarti is the water which purifies your mind

Sairam friends, Every year, during Guru transit ( Guru Peyarchi), my Father asks me to get some Mantra books or print Photos which will be distributed to devotees who give for special pooja in the colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple. This year, My Father kept telling, we are not going to do it because every year,… Read More »

Do not forget your Father after you are married

Sairam friends, Its 5.A.M. Last night, I felt like sleeping in my parents room. I hugged Sai Satcharitra and prayed Saibaba to guide me. I had a dream as if I am in Chennai and anxiously searching for my Father who had gone to a company to work but never came back home. I call… Read More »

Sri Venkateswara and Shirdi Saibaba darshan in dream

Sairam friends, Last night, I went to Saibaba temple, lit lamps, came around holy Dhuni for few minutes and reached home. I was planning something and then slept in my room. I woke up at 3.45.A.M and slept near my Father remembering Sai deeply in my heart. I continued to chant SAI SAI SAI. I… Read More »

Secret of happiness from Saibaba

Sairam friends, Hope you are doing well. I have various obstacles in working for Saibaba but somehow, Sai makes me do it. I am in hurry now to start for work but wanted to do this small post. In today’s Nature collection of Shirdi Saibaba, I wanted to express the importance of being content with… Read More »

Some look beautiful. Some are beautiful

Sairam friends, When our health is good and we are leading a comfortable life, our mind doesn’t think about the necessities in life. We start to worry about the luxuries in life. To me, looking good and beauty is a luxury. Millions of people around the globe face some kind of problem with their looks.… Read More »

Sai’s way of blessing people who do business

Baba, My desktop computer crashed. Today, I had to change a new Hard disk and also some components. I am happy you sent a nice guy to service my P.C but really annoyed that I had to spend a lot. I believe its all for good and you wanted to help me keep my system… Read More »

Nothing is in our control

Sairam friends, Its gonna be 11.37 at night and I am writing with my laptop which I am really not comfortable with. This afternoon, I was working on a new theme to post as next article on StarSai when there was low voltage. I tried to switch on the Desktop directly and hence things collapsed.… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba will ferry you safely in the river of life

Sairam friends, This evening, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in the last minute. I went on top to offer the garland to all the big statues of Saibaba and came down. Then, I reached home, had dinner and now working on something. I was thinking about a theme for today’s Shirdi Saibaba Nature Collection.… Read More »

Be Calm. Sai is with You

Sairam friends, I came home directly without going to temple as I had severe neck ache. This could be probably because I kept bending down into my mobile to see how my Sai’s sponsored post is performing in Facebook. I felt like Saibaba asking me, “Do you need to do all this. Edhukuda indha vilambaram?”… Read More »

Saibaba says “Keep doing some good work”

Sairam friends, Saibaba’s way of communicating to his devotees are very strange. Even during his life time, Sai never spoke directly. Sai used to say some stories, parables which only few can understand and others wondered what Sai means to say? There are very few utterances and assurances of Shirdi Saibaba which have been recorded.… Read More »