Experience of Shirdi Saibaba devotee from Canada

Sairam friends, After many days, I received this devotees experience which to me is an expression of beautiful devotion on Shirdi Saibaba. Read on… Living in Canada by Sai grace I wanted to share by experience with Baba, same like other Sai devotees there are lots of stories that happened to me. Everyone know that… Read More »

Sai really lives in every Shirdi Saibaba photo

Sairam friends, Something struck me this morning. During Sai Baba’s life time in Shirdi itself, some shops were selling Baba’s painting. I have read articles where some devotees who wishes to get Baba’s ashirwad will buy a Saibaba photo from a shop in Shirdi, give it to Baba and request him to touch it and… Read More »

Give to Guru

Sairam, Offering Guru what ever we enjoy is a blessing in itself. There are several occasions when we forget our Guru Shirdi Sai Baba during our good times. Even when we have delicious food, Sai requested us to have a habit of offering it to him first especially since it will lead to satisfaction of… Read More »

What’s your idea of Happiness?

Sairam friends, Finally, I am doing parayan of Sai Satcharitra with patience. Yesterday, I was sitting near the Tulsi plant in Dwarakamai of Nagasai mandir and read few chapters. I felt happy about it. At night, I got a dream which made me realize I must be careful about the decisions I take in life.… Read More »

The saint who works in silence

Sairam friends, I have loads of complaints against Shirdi Saibaba every now and then in my life but I know his soul. Sai has ever been kind to me and taken care of our family with love. I might have failed in various aspects of life but Sai never gave up on me and I… Read More »

The life that I never expected

I have been too ambitious in my past to live like this. Every time I failed, I believed that I am going to do something better as I desire. Somehow, after several hurdles when I try to get into the work, I get guidance from Saibaba to remain satisfied with what I already have in… Read More »

This Akshaya Tritiya, I wish to remember Sai

Sairam friends, I was reading Sai Satcharitra during the night sitting in veranda of our house. I kept thinking how graceful is Sai and that he has really lived with us. Since its Akshaya Tritiya, I wish to write few good words. I love Mahalakshmi so much that she has been in my dreams several… Read More »

Got placed

Sairam friends, One of the reason many youngsters get upset is when they are not able to get job during Campus placements. I will never encourage the concept of getting job during campus especially since there are not so many jobs in the market for a country like ours. So be internally strong and never… Read More »

Believe in Sai. Good days are closer than you think

Sairam friends, There are moments when you worry about your life and get too depressed. You must keep believing in Sai even during the worst times. The best part about Sai is the time he takes to show you a way or rescue you from a problem. He does it only when he knows its… Read More »

Wonderful Shirdi Saibaba Pooja photos

Sairam, Hope you are doing well. I have been learning a lot these days and working hard for good. I found this mail from a devotee who has done Shirdi Saibaba pooja in her home. Sairam Venkat, After I read about the Shraddha Saburi Pooja from your website I started doing it. Thought of sharing… Read More »

Try chanting in mind and it really becomes a habit

Sairam friends, The past few days, I am into printing work and I really enjoy this. I wish to do something creative. Hope Saibaba shows me a way. For many days, almost over a year, I never chant in mind but fortunately the past few days, I am chanting in mind once in a while… Read More »

Change your life for good by reading Sai Satcharitra

Sairam friends, Shirdi Saibaba’s Life is so beautiful filled with numerous pearls. But you can’t easily get these pearls. You have to keep remember Sai and his stories day and night to understand the wisdom, truth and divinity in it. Many Sai devotees have wrote me about the change in their life after reading Sai… Read More »

Saibaba blessings to get rid of anger and ego

Sairam friends, Sai Deep has contributed the below experience Friends i was always experiencing the divine blessings of our baba because i strongly believe in him that he is saving me in all aspects Today i am in this position inly because of his blessings .Even though i am person with 2 very bad qualities… Read More »

The one who speaks harsh is considered to be untouchable

Sairam friends, Yesterday, I read about Purandaradasa‘s life and learned his divine contribution to Lord Sri Vishnu. He has composed over 4.75 lakh songs in praise of Sri Vishnu but only 700 are available today. He wanted to sing 5 lakh songs in praise of Vishnu. During his last few days, He requested his son… Read More »

Sai, Am I living the way you expect me to?

Sairam friends, Today was auspicious Ram Navami – 28th March 2015. Previous years articles can be read Sri Rama navami festival Chantings for Shirdi sai baba devotees Saibaba inspired Lord Rama Devotion Rama Raksha stotram Shirdi Sai baba dream – You are a Rama Bhakta , so garland is a gift for you I was… Read More »

Wish to do some “real” work

Sairam friends, This weekend, I started learning Growth strategy for organizations and later since there was Power cut, My Father asked if I can paint the Bookshelf  and other stuff we made with the carpenter. So I took the paint and started painting. It was real hard work. I kept painting, had lunch at 3 0… Read More »

Simple pooja for Shirdi Sai Baba

Sairam friends, My Sai friend Deepa wrote me about the simple pooja she did for Shirdi Sai Baba. I felt its good to share with all of you so that devotees who wish can think about doing Pooja. Read on… Today being Thursday, I had plans of performing “Shraddha Saburi” Pooja  for Sainath as usual.… Read More »

Why Sai Baba doesn’t seem to answer your prayers?

Sairam friends, There are 1000 ways to believe that Shirdi Saibaba is a saint who will fulfill all your desires. In the Sai Baba temple I visit regularly, devotees offer coconut in the holy Dhuni as they believe Sai will answer their prayers and show them a way. I do believe in Saibaba’s powers and… Read More »

Woke up at 4 A.M and lit lamp for Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I slept off early last night as my uncle and aunt is here and I don’t want to disturb them listening to video lectures. I has a very strange dream about my Ma. It was 4. A.M. I woke up and lit lamp to Shirdi Saibaba in my room. I felt good about… Read More »

Fear deep in me

Sairam friends, Today I was really happy at work since I was doing some photography. Not so professional but I enjoyed it. Later, in the evening, I started getting some fear deep in my heart. I feel that I am too playful and not applying what I learn practically. I don’t want to be so… Read More »

What you see is what you get

Sairam friends, Yesterday, I was doing Photography with iPad at work and it was too hard to hold for long. Wish I am little bit stronger. After all, an iPad… he he…Few years back, I went to a Shirdi Saibaba temple with friends and stayed there during night. All of us slept near the wall… Read More »

Photos of Shirdi Sai Baba during pooja

Sairam friends, One of my Sai friend Deepa contributed below Photos taken by her during Shradha Saburi Pooja at her home. I felt these Shirdi Sai Baba photos are really divine and sharing the same with you. If you take Photos of Shirdi Sai Baba at your home during pooja or during your Shirdi Visit,… Read More »

How my parents serve God and Goddess?

Sairam friends, We have this small Siddhi Vinayakar temple in our colony where we live for several years. Some of my Father’s friends join together to do serve in the Temple like taking care of the temple administration, Monthly shopping for Pooja items, organization festivals etc. Some uncle also does physical work in the temple… Read More »

Sai, Open my eyes and mind to do something creative

Sairam friends, I waste most of my time at work because these are basically some odd work we do and most of the time its getting things done and going home for God knows what reason? I do read some articles once in a while but these are basically disconnected learning which gets accumulated in… Read More »

What makes you happy?

Sairam friends, Now a days, when ever I come back home from work and sit in front of my Computer, I start to worry a lot. I have few work to do like my Online course, I bought some books to read or I can also remember Sai peacefully. When I am not able to… Read More »

The gift of touching holy Samadhi Mandhir

This beautiful Shirdi trip experience was shared by Deepa. I liked the way she has narrated it and you will feel as if you are having Sai darshan along with her. Read on… The Moral Law is inexorable, so follow it, observe it, and you will reach your goal. God is the Perfection of the… Read More »

Saibaba helped her get over breakup and depression

Sairam friends, To make it convenient for Sai devotees to share their positive experiences with Shirdi Saibaba, I created this page – Share your Shirdi Sai Baba Experiences and also got the first experience as below from a devotee. Om sai ram. Hello everyone, Firstly thank you to our Lord Shri Sai baba I have… Read More »

Radiance of Shirdi Saibaba during Chavadi procession

Sairam friends, Shirdi Saibaba lived in Shirdi for more than 60 years. He was not roaming in forest or meditating in mountains like other saints of ancient India but he followed the rule laid for saints. Saints are not supposed to stay in one place for more than one night as a philosophical indication that… Read More »

Remembering Saibaba’s holy feet

Sairam friends, This week end, I worked on my project and also helped my Father and a carpenter in making my Book Shelve. I felt happy about it. I was a bit sick and hence slept a lot. I was remembering Saibaba’s holy feet when ever I wish. It was really divine to remember Padhuka… Read More »

My baby Hanuman

Sairam friends, I was feeling sick last evening. Something was happening into my head and could not bear it. I was speaking to my Mom about childhood memories I had with my sister. Then, I sat in the Hall and did chanting of Sai’s holy name loudly. Then, I took medicines and slept off. I… Read More »

Listening to Sai Satcharitra all night

Sairam friends, I have audio version of Sri Sai Satcharitra in my mobile which can be downloaded in below link if you need. Look for it.  – Sri Sai Satcharitra I was not able to sleep peacefully for several minutes though I was too tired. So I started listening to Sai Satcharitra in my mobile… Read More »

Walking in the streets and reading in Dwarakamai

Sairam friends, On Saturday, My parents and myself went to Aravind Eye Hospital . I respect this Eye care organization a lot because of the kind of service they do to humanity. They maintain high standards that its the only organization about which I directly mention in StarSai so that people can be benefited by… Read More »

Don’t cheat. Sai is there to help you do well in exam

Sairam friends, I had this devotees experience for long time which I wanted to post. I want to make sure this doesn’t mislead any students appearing for exams. Hey. Please do not copy or involve in cheating during your exam. Instead, believe in Shirdi Saibaba pr any God you love and do your exam sincerely.… Read More »