4 ways to show your love on Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown last evening, did prayers, came around Dhuni as I love it a lot and reached home. I wanted to do something creative for Sai. I realized people need something more than articles as many of us don’t read but simply scan the words when… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba Aarti is the water which purifies your mind

Sairam friends, Every year, during Guru transit ( Guru Peyarchi), my Father asks me to get some Mantra books or print Photos which will be distributed to devotees who give for special pooja in the colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple. This year, My Father kept telling, we are not going to do it because every year,… Read More »

Do not forget your Father after you are married

Sairam friends, Its 5.A.M. Last night, I felt like sleeping in my parents room. I hugged Sai Satcharitra and prayed Saibaba to guide me. I had a dream as if I am in Chennai and anxiously searching for my Father who had gone to a company to work but never came back home. I call… Read More »

Sri Venkateswara and Shirdi Saibaba darshan in dream

Sairam friends, Last night, I went to Saibaba temple, lit lamps, came around holy Dhuni for few minutes and reached home. I was planning something and then slept in my room. I woke up at 3.45.A.M and slept near my Father remembering Sai deeply in my heart. I continued to chant SAI SAI SAI. I… Read More »

Secret of happiness from Saibaba

Sairam friends, Hope you are doing well. I have various obstacles in working for Saibaba but somehow, Sai makes me do it. I am in hurry now to start for work but wanted to do this small post. In today’s Nature collection of Shirdi Saibaba, I wanted to express the importance of being content with… Read More »

Some look beautiful. Some are beautiful

Sairam friends, When our health is good and we are leading a comfortable life, our mind doesn’t think about the necessities in life. We start to worry about the luxuries in life. To me, looking good and beauty is a luxury. Millions of people around the globe face some kind of problem with their looks.… Read More »

Sai’s way of blessing people who do business

Baba, My desktop computer crashed. Today, I had to change a new Hard disk and also some components. I am happy you sent a nice guy to service my P.C but really annoyed that I had to spend a lot. I believe its all for good and you wanted to help me keep my system… Read More »

Nothing is in our control

Sairam friends, Its gonna be 11.37 at night and I am writing with my laptop which I am really not comfortable with. This afternoon, I was working on a new theme to post as next article on StarSai when there was low voltage. I tried to switch on the Desktop directly and hence things collapsed.… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba will ferry you safely in the river of life

Sairam friends, This evening, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in the last minute. I went on top to offer the garland to all the big statues of Saibaba and came down. Then, I reached home, had dinner and now working on something. I was thinking about a theme for today’s Shirdi Saibaba Nature Collection.… Read More »

Be Calm. Sai is with You

Sairam friends, I came home directly without going to temple as I had severe neck ache. This could be probably because I kept bending down into my mobile to see how my Sai’s sponsored post is performing in Facebook. I felt like Saibaba asking me, “Do you need to do all this. Edhukuda indha vilambaram?”… Read More »

Saibaba says “Keep doing some good work”

Sairam friends, Saibaba’s way of communicating to his devotees are very strange. Even during his life time, Sai never spoke directly. Sai used to say some stories, parables which only few can understand and others wondered what Sai means to say? There are very few utterances and assurances of Shirdi Saibaba which have been recorded.… Read More »

Saibaba Photos

Sairam friends, Tonight, We are starting to Madurai for one of our relatives House Warming ceremony and will also go to Rameswaram temple. 3-4 Years back I had a dream in which Sai asked me to go Rameshwaram. I am pleased we are going now. Meanwhile, I will post some beautiful and divine Shirdi Saibaba… Read More »

Dwarakamai was home to someone before Saibaba lived there

Sairam friends, Last night, I came home directly without going to Saibaba temple. Since it was auspicious full moon day, I lit many lamps and sang Shej Aarti of Saibaba. I felt happy about it. Then, I slept off hugging Saibaba’s charters and sayings book. Saw myself in USA in a very beautiful place I… Read More »

How to overcome stress and depression?

Sairam friends, I had a plan to have a degree in Psychology especially since most of the time I come across people who tell me that they are depressed. I would have been able to guide better and help people legally. I gave up that idea since I don’t want my guidance to be professional.… Read More »

Shirdi Saibaba may or may not be able to get your love back

Sairam friends, “Get your love back” is a Multimillion dollar industry. I call myself little servant of Shirdi Saibaba but this servant has gone beyond cleaning Saibaba’s holy dhuni to Spreading the value of lighting lamps to creating pooja for the fast world. Today, I can call myself “Get your love back” industry analyst….he he….… Read More »

My husband come home walking as I believed in Sai Satcharitra

Sairam friends, One of the best thing about some Sai devotees is their ability to be faithful and stay stronger internally even during worst phases of their life. Not all of us can show devotion on Saibaba during crisis. Here’s a story of a faithful Sai devotee. Sharing Sai Baba’s experience – We received blessing… Read More »

Sai, burn my depression in your holy dhuni

Sairam friends, The past few days, I was not able to focus on anything. I was really ambitious about working on a project but eventually things doesn’t fall in place. I finally gave up on it and simply doing nothing. I am just speaking to my friends at work, laughing like fool and passing my… Read More »

Why is Shirdi so auspicious?

Sairam friends, I am missing Shirdi these days and wish Saibaba takes me and my parents to Shirdi by his grace. I love the Shirdi Sand. I love Dwarakamai and also Nandadeep. The first time I went to Shirdi in 2006, I took a pinch of sand and kept it in my forehead. It was… Read More »

Sri Shirdi Saibaba temple in Newburgh,Indiana, USA

Sairam friends, I receieved a mail from Suma who wrote about a beautiful Shirdi Saibaba temple in USA. Sri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of Tristate Sairam!! Baba gave US a Shirdi in the form of Sri Saidham, Located in Newburgh Indiana. I want to share the info for the sake of devotees to take his darshan… Read More »

Experience of Shirdi Saibaba devotee from Canada

Sairam friends, After many days, I received this devotees experience which to me is an expression of beautiful devotion on Shirdi Saibaba. Read on… Living in Canada by Sai grace I wanted to share by experience with Baba, same like other Sai devotees there are lots of stories that happened to me. Everyone know that… Read More »

Sai really lives in every Shirdi Saibaba photo

Sairam friends, Something struck me this morning. During Sai Baba’s life time in Shirdi itself, some shops were selling Baba’s painting. I have read articles where some devotees who wishes to get Baba’s ashirwad will buy a Saibaba photo from a shop in Shirdi, give it to Baba and request him to touch it and… Read More »

Give to Guru

Sairam, Offering Guru what ever we enjoy is a blessing in itself. There are several occasions when we forget our Guru Shirdi Sai Baba during our good times. Even when we have delicious food, Sai requested us to have a habit of offering it to him first especially since it will lead to satisfaction of… Read More »

What’s your idea of Happiness?

Sairam friends, Finally, I am doing parayan of Sai Satcharitra with patience. Yesterday, I was sitting near the Tulsi plant in Dwarakamai of Nagasai mandir and read few chapters. I felt happy about it. At night, I got a dream which made me realize I must be careful about the decisions I take in life.… Read More »

The saint who works in silence

Sairam friends, I have loads of complaints against Shirdi Saibaba every now and then in my life but I know his soul. Sai has ever been kind to me and taken care of our family with love. I might have failed in various aspects of life but Sai never gave up on me and I… Read More »

The life that I never expected

I have been too ambitious in my past to live like this. Every time I failed, I believed that I am going to do something better as I desire. Somehow, after several hurdles when I try to get into the work, I get guidance from Saibaba to remain satisfied with what I already have in… Read More »