Saibaba blessings to get rid of anger and ego

Sairam friends,

Sai Deep has contributed the below experience

Friends i was always experiencing the divine blessings of our baba because i strongly believe in him that he is saving me in all aspects
Today i am in this position inly because of his blessings .Even though i am person with 2 very bad qualities i.e, anger and ego Baba is helping me in every minute … there are many miracles happened in my life by the blessing of baba personally and professionally
.I always have gratitude for you .But i always remember in Satcharithra you mentioned as ” see me in all the creatures ” as though in few situations i go out of control and gets anger sooner and shouts on the people .. t
his is the way i am hurting people around me very badly even though i know it is equal to hurting you .. baba please reduce my anger and always make me to think of you …

I love you so much Baba … turn me as person with no anger and down to earth … this request is core from my heart.

putting this request from my heart and soul to your holy feet.

love you baba. No words for the blessings your giving to me even though i am such a bad person … love you sai ma.

I am really sorry Baba for always hurting you.

– Sai Deep

This is simply an expression of a devotee than experience but I liked to post it as everyone of us must try to get rid of anger and ego by Sai blessings – Venkat

1 thought on “Saibaba blessings to get rid of anger and ego”

  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    This is 101% true with me,
    I take this oppertunity to confess to Sai for my anger and ego,
    I am well aware that i am doing it even today ,

    I wish to get rid of this two worst quality with Saibaba’s grace.

    Jai Sai Ram

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