Change your life for good by reading Sai Satcharitra

Sairam friends,

Shirdi Saibaba’s Life is so beautiful filled with numerous pearls. But you can’t easily get these pearls. You have to keep remember Sai and his stories day and night to understand the wisdom, truth and divinity in it. Many Sai devotees have wrote me about the change in their life after reading Sai Satcharitra and this devotees experience is truly amazing.

Read on…

I love sai so much. what he said in Dwarakamai are Satyam. He s doing everything to his devotees what he says. Two years before I was n a troble to sell my house . My brother told me to pray to Shiridi Sai to solve my problem . The same day my friend is asking me to pray for Shiridi Sai s blessing to solve my problem. She told me to read Sai Satsaritham in website . she said if you read this ur problem will solved immediately. That day my sister gave me a book about Sai’s nine weeks virada puja. I start the viradam the next day itself. After nine weeks he has done everything what I prayed to him. If I m n this house means because of sai only.

After I came to this house I told this  Sai leela to my friend nearby. She told me her problem and I gave her Sai photo and Sai Satsaritham book. She read that every Thursday , and third week Thursday, you wont believe she came to me with tears not with sorrow but with cheer she said Sai is doing what he is saying, she said I cant believe my eyes every work what I expected were going smoothly. She told me get her to Sai temple and donate money for Annathan.

Like this, so many miracles Sai is doing in everyone’s life. My cousin sister and her husband both are not having clear vision. They also having financial problem . I told them to devote Sai and gave them Sai photo and book . One day, my sister’s husband had a call from school where he was worked eighteen years before. They didn’t expect this and they don’t know who arranged all these things. He said eighteen years before I was retired from that school, including me 168 teachers applied for pension, I don’t know who arranged for me to give this pension for me only, even in that school they said they also don’t know who is that person frequently called us to arrange this pension for you.

They said You come and put your signature, you will get your amount in your account. He got six and a half lakhs money in his account . They said this personally to me and said we can’t forget Sai he only can do this.

Om sai namo namo

sri sai namo namo

jai jai sai namo namo

satguru sai namo namo.

Jai sai ram.

Sainath maharaj ki jai!

lakshmi J

Hope you like this Sai Leela friends. You can change your life for good by reading Sai Satcharitra. When things doesn’t turn out as you wish, hold on and have patience. Sai is gives late but he does what’s good for you in the long term. Have immense patience. Sai Satcharitra must be read with pure heart and devotion. Sai will show you a way.

If you wish to read Sai Satcharitra please download from below link.

Sri Sai Satcharitra

Aum Sai Ram



2 thoughts on “Change your life for good by reading Sai Satcharitra”

  1. Venkatji,
    Om sai ram…
    its a miracle..
    Whenever I open this page
    It gives me answer . yesterday only I started reading sai satcharitha.
    Today I cud c the msg
    Yesterday i was upset with my maid and felt guilty yelling at her mistake.
    When I opened the was given to control anger and ego.
    my god…can’t believe my eyes.

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