My birthday message: Patience

Sairam friends, Nov 4th is my Birthday. The past 2 days I am complaining to Sai as I lived based on his dreams and his words for the past few years. In few issues, Sai’s words has never come true irrespective of me waiting with patience. Sometimes, I also ask Saibaba to guide me if … Read more

A silent birthday with ordinary people

Sairam friends, November 4th was my Birthday and I began the day speaking to my niece on a video call. I felt happy as she rarely gets mood to speak for a long time. She played Violin for a while, She spoke to me about what’s happening in Sioux Falls and also her friends and … Read more

I like being alone these days

Sairam friends, I am remembering my Sister too often. I have never been like this all my life. I never had habit of messaging my Sister but after I visited her, I send atleast few words to her everyday. I wish to visit my Sister again and be there for few days. I should prepare … Read more

Sai, bless my Sister

Sairam friends, Life isn’t all that easy just because one is living in developed countries like America. There are some basic comforts here in the U.S compared to India but everyone has different problems to face. Couple of days back,my Sister took me to the Women’s clinic where she had to go through some tests. … Read more