Sai saved my Amma because she has a heart to do good to someone who humiliated her

This morning, I had a divine dream as if my Mom is not well and I am running to her. Suddenly, she falls down and it was as if she will pass away anytime.

Then, I carry her to my room and keep my mouth on her mouth and send my breath in carying Sairam..Sairam.

I deeply inhale and send in breath inside my Mom’s mouth. She gradually starts to respond.

As soon as I see my Mom starts to breath, I slowly woke up and I immediately felt surprised because my Father just started playing the Sai bhajan “Jai Jai Sairam..Sairam…Sairam”

Saints like Shirdi Saibaba can change our fate based on the good deeds we do.

I will tell you why Saibaba would have blessed me with this dream.

In my Father’s family they are 8 Children. Out of them, only one Aunt lived alone and there’s no one for her. Somehow. She has treated my Mom and us (My Sister and me) very harshly when we were kids. We used to cry a lot asking for food like Poori which she alone eats but won’t give it to us.

My Mom was not well those days. I wrote about it in this chapter in my book – Sai Mother

Since my Father had to spend a lot for Mom’s health issues, he could not give to home to run family as we were in joint family those days. So this Aunt starting abusing us and the result was that it only gave us our breath of freedom for the first time in years.

My Father decided that we should move to a separate home and that’s when I even remember that my Mom was able to cook what ever delicious food we asked her for.

That was over 35 years ago.

My Aunt worked in a school and but she never know whom to allow inside her house. She built small extention near house and rented it to workshop guys, men who sell street foods, painter etc. If they are from good family, my Aunt would have lived better but they were from very bad family.

So they realized my Aunt gets 30,000 Rs pension and started dominating her and used to take all her money.

Out of all the Brothers and Sisters in my Father’s side, only we used to visit this aunt regularly because Mom never nurtures enmity on anyone.

In Aunt’s house, a Mechanic started really scaring her that he will kill her and used to take all her pension money. We know this but can’t do much because for reasons unknown my Aunt never accepted the truth.

No one on Earth will behave like my aunt in her old age. How can a women feel OK with some men scaring her and taking all her money month over month?

Before a year, my Aunt said she fell down and got fractured. When we went to her place, we doubted if that mechanic harmed her but she did to tell truth.

Gradually after few month, seems she got bed ridden. Last week when I saw her, she was like skeleton. I was shocked and that’s when I pleaded her to say truth atleast now.

She told the truth finally that the mechanic guy only has been taking all her pension money and also abusing her.

The worst part is none one my Father’s brothers or Sisters are interested in taking care of this aunt. It has always become our responsibility. So when my parents itself are old and weak, I had to take them to Aunts home every weekend and do some help to aunt.

Yesterday, we got water bed and all the other stuff to make her atleast die in peace. We still don’t know how she will be in few days. If she improves fine but I wish she passes away because she already suffered enough. So I asked her to remember Saibaba often.

Now, coming back to the dream Sai showed as if he saved my Father, it could be because the good karma we do to our Aunt will save my Mom. That’s what Sai means.

When I was driving to Aunts home yesterday, I was frustrated and even shouted at my Father’s other siblings. When none of your Sister’s even wanted to take care of this Aunt for 2 days, why should you go every weekend to take care of her?

My Father said its his responsibility and also that its some kind of good deed we do.

I am writing this because there are lots of lesson in this story.

The most important being, even when someone has humiliated and abused you, when they are suffering from health issues especially during their old age, please take care of them.

You don’t have to sit near them but atleast spend money to help them with a care giver.

My Father’s other Sister wanted to share the money we spent. I was furious and said we don’t need their money. Everyone can give money. Only people who have good heart will actually take physical effort and take care of my aunt.

The lesson I learnt from my Aunts life is this

Never ignore your dear one’s and close relatives. You can have many friends but these days, friends will be with you for money. So one has to trust atleast few of their relatives.

Om Sai Ram


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