This World, We People, my Life – All sounds like a movie to me

Sairam friends,

Every year, as everyone celebrates Valentines day, its very special day for me as its my Sister’s birthday. The only relationship between my Sister and StarSai is that I make her pay hosting fee for the site and she’s always happy to do it. Thankfully, She never comes to here to read. She knows I am living in my own little world that Sai has blessed me with. All she believes is that her brother is doing something “Good”.

My Sister has faith in God and Sai. Once in a while, they travel to near by Hindu temple. But She’s too ambitious to be like me.

Even last week, while we were on Skype, my Sister was worried that one of the grant she applied for research got rejected and she could not sleep all night. She is confident that her other paper will get grant but for this one too, she had worked hard – reading a lot and the research was coming up well.

I was upset to hear that and told her to be cool and not to worry much. I prayed Saibaba that my bad luck must remain with me. I always want my Sister to be successful. For years, my Mom has played a role of encouraging my Sister that things will be fine. Today, While I was in temple for Shiv Ratri, I prayed for my Sister, Katya and my Brother in Law.

One thing my Sister has always taught me is this

“The work you do is your God”.

I believe that someday, my Sister’s findings will help Alzheimer patients to get healed.

On behalf of Valentines day, I wish to write to people who are in love.

When everything goes well, nobody writes to me. People don’t share their good news with me. Very rarely do people share that everything went well by Sai grace and they are getting married.

They don’t have to. Like a Doctor is for the sick, I am writing for people who are facing difficulties in their life.

There are guys and girls who are madly in love and they do anything that their girl/boyfriend asks for. Even parents speaks to each others family. Only in the last minute things topples and they breakup.

I appreciate girls who tell me “Everything happened for good” and try to move on with their life.

The most disastrous behaviour I find is when a girl or a guy communicating regularly with their Ex even after they are married. For Gods sake, mind your life and live your life with the one you got married to. You can only be true to the one whom you married.

I can’t even tolerate some stories I listen to which is the reason you find several articles dedicated to “Relationship”.

Hundreds of girls and guys across India cannot marry the one they like. They are living strong and finding someone else for themselves as time passes on.

Please don’t use these words – “I can’t live without him/her”

This makes me get irritated. We take this birth only to wash away the past karmic bond we have. So we must go through this suffering and learn to live.

Stupid conversaion with Mom

I usually spend 10 – 20 minutes at night speaking to my Mom. I am doing it regularly these days. I ask her about her life during her childhood. The other day, I told her

“This World, We People, my Life – All sounds like a movie to me”

I told her, I can’t understand why should God create us, made us roam as human beings on Earth and we are taking life so seriously. Sometimes, I feel its all like a drama, a movie.

My Mom told me “Yes…there are so many life here like animals, birds too along with us. It’s all a divine work”.

She added, but “God has also given us buddhi to think – Like a Doctor can find what problems we have and cure us”

I realized life is not just a movie –

It’s a Movie in which the pre-written screenplay can be slightly re-written through our devotion and intelligence.

Most of you will not even have such thoughts as you are busy with your life. I think like this because I trust Sai’s dreams and lead my life.

There are several dreams in which Sai shows me what bad situation was about to happen and how he protected me. The very same day, I will come across those people or situations but thankfully, nothing will happen as Sai has already saved me.

So I know, every single people you meet, every single conversation you have, every small deep you do – It’s all pre-determined by fate. Saints like Saibaba won’t change fate but your devotion has power to alter the situation slightly and favour you.

From September 2016, after I started getting dreams about this girl, I have become like this. I get so much depressed and confused as what ever Sai says has nothing to do with reality. So I start to question Sai about life? What’s all these experiences we go through here Baba? Doesn’t it sound like a movie?

So when you are going through worries in your relationship, please don’t take life seriously.

To me, it sounds like a movie – A drama we are playing here.

It’s after all a Movie.

Be happy.

You deserve a beautiful life!


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