A silent birthday with ordinary people

Sairam friends,

November 4th was my Birthday and I began the day speaking to my niece on a video call. I felt happy as she rarely gets mood to speak for a long time. She played Violin for a while, She spoke to me about what’s happening in Sioux Falls and also her friends and school. I asked about a little kid Covia in the neighbourhood. Its funny as they are two kids (Brother and Sister) often coming to my Sister’s home, ringing the bell asking my Sister for permission to allow Katya to go out to play. My Sister would then ask them infront of which house they are going to play, if they will play inside the home or out? and tells them how long they are allowed to play..he he…

I am worried about my Sister as she seems to be sad. She’s focussed too much on her research work and getting stressed. Once in a while I am asking her to take care of her health and relax but she doesn’t understand what I mean. I can only pray for well being of my Sister.

Later, I went to near by Siddhi Vinayak temple in our colony as my parents were already there. I gave money to the man who serves food in the restaurant we visit regularly and asked him to share it with others in the Hotel. I told him its my birthday and hence wanted to give some money to them. I gave some money to the women who cleans in the temple. I actually took my Mom surprisingly to my temple as my Mom only came with me to buy some sweets. I told her that I feel bad for not going to Saibaba temple this morning and hence she asked me to drive to temple.

I lit lamps and came back home. I had lunch and slept off.

In the evening, I went to Saibaba temple. My weekend walking friend Sathyam came and hence we went for a walk in Saibaba colony. I feel good to talk to him as he’s really kind hearted. People who do odd jobs and earn so little impress me more than the people I come across in the corporate world. I basically like ordinary people.

Oh yes. My Sai friends Dipti and Namrata remembered my Birthday and wished me.  Others did not know. So that’s Okay.

I really don’t want friends in office to send birthday wishes on What’sapp group. Thankfully, my best friends forgot it and none wished me.  Somehow, I don’t want such wishes. Atleast not this year. Secondly, I don’t like such group messages. If you want to wish somehow on any good occasion, please be real. You can whatsapp them but do it individually.

What I liked in the U.S is that there’s still a very good market for Greeting cards. In India, though gifting a greeting card is fast disappearing or obselete. Its replaced by virtual wishes. I wrote about it few months back – What we are doing is called “Experience stack”.

Check this article below…

We are moving from recording and remembering to experiencing and moving on mindset

We experience it that moment and forget it. Its getting deleted.

How long can a real, physical Greeting card or a letter or a gift can remain? It could remain hundreds of years if your dear one’s wants to protect it.

I am worried when relationships gets more and more virtual. Love is getting virtual.

So please be real in showing someone that they are really important to you.

At night, I messaged my Sister the following

“The only happiness I got this birthday was talking to Katya, wearing the Shirt you got for me and taking Amma to Sai temple.”

That’s it friends.

I am not feeling well past 1 week. I am getting scared of it and praying Sai to cure me.

Happy Diwali

Sai bless you and your family with good health, peace and prosperity

Om Sai Ram


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  1. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Venkat!!
    May you always be showered with Sai’s infinite blessings:-).
    And Haapy Diwali.

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