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Break the wall between your Guru and yourself

Sairam friends,

I realized something last morning. We should go through what ever we are supposed to go through. Sai has all rights to let us go through humiliation and sufferings but he won’t let us down. I decided to stay calm and endure what ever is happening at work. I can’t move out of Coimbatore especially since I have to be there for my Ma and Pa. Sometimes, I get depressed but the advantage I have is I know what’s going to happen in future. So I am learning to enjoy this journey with a sarcastic smile.

I was questioning Sai for embarrassing me in some issues and this morning I had a strange dream.

I woke up and realized Sai wants me to break the wall between him and myself. I have never been able to see Saibaba since I had built a wall between both of us. The wall is simply my desire, greed, anger and expectation. Life isn’t certainly about achieving what we have in mind. We can try our best but leave the rest to our Guru.

I am deeply humbled by what Sai has done to me. So I have to take life more positively.

Infact, the whole episode would have happened to make me more careful about what I should be doing in 5 years time?

When you can’t fix a problem, go with the flow.

You have to break the wall between your Guru and yourself. Sai knows how to break your obstacles.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Jai sai&allah mallik.
    Very good article.
    Sai break all barriers.
    Tha world is a family.
    May all unite.

  • Thank you so much Venkat, for this post. It really helped me with the solution I was looking for now. Jai Sai Ram!

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