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You just have to remember Sai and you can’t. That’s the funny part

Sairam friends,

Mind gets easily hooked to something you desire. Mind gets distracted. Within few seconds, you won’t be the good person you are. The nature of mind is to think and you never know during which moment your mind thinks stuff that’s unnecessary.

Here comes a poor fakir who lived in Shirdi 100 years back.  He din’t ask much. He won’t even bother if you respect him or disrespect him. If you realized that he is powerful saint who can change your life, you start to see him as your Guru. You go to him and ask for a solution.

Sometimes, he gives instant solution. Its as simple as that. You ask for instant Coffee and it comes out from a Coffee Machine right? That’s how quickly people want their desires to get fulfilled.

Well, sometimes, you have to wait. Patience…Patience…Patience…

Meanwhile, Sai wants you to focus on your work, be truthful and remain calm.

Sai tells you “Remember me…”

Isn’t that simple?

Doing your day to day activities and remembering Sai. May be, you imagine that Sai is in your heart.

May be, you chant SAI SAI SAI in mind when ever you feel like.

But Can you do it?

You can’t?

That’s the funny part.

You can’t remember your Guru continuously because to you and me, there are more important desires and things and stuff on Planet Earth to think about.

Do it.

Remember him.

Constantly remember Sai.

You will be blessed dear!

Om Sai Ram


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