Only Saibaba is good and pure. Not all who say “Sairam” are good

Om Sai Ram friends,

I am writing this on the first day of 2021. Though I send “Happy New Year” messages to my friends, deep inside, I realized that it’s just another day. I don’t find anything special in New Year. I am not against celebrations though. People have to smile, with each other and enjoy a relaxing time. It’s another beautiful occasion to remember our friends.

But I also have such saintly thoughts that what’s so special about New year? haha.

Last night, I was listening to Lalitha Sahasranamam. I had tears in my eyes as I literally suffered a lot due to issues in my office and also my life as a whole. My Mom is getting weaker and desires that I get married. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen.

As I had tears, I went to my Mom and told her, I am having tears thinking about all the sufferings in the past year. She told me but remember that Sai and Ganesha helped you and did not let you down.

This is true. Saibaba has always been there with me and helped me. Usually, my Father faints and Sai helps him come back to life but last year my Mom was about to faint and Sai healed her and she came back to life.

Baba also saved my Sister’s family during this pandemic crisis.

That’s the update about my life.

A few months back, I wrote an article to clarify that group parayan of Sri Sai Satcharita using cloud messaging apps doesn’t work for all. But some people are being a part of such Whatsapp groups.

Rituals and group parayan of Sai Satcharita are not the only way to reach Sai

I basically do not recommend Whatsapp group for Sai devotees because again and again, I have to confirm, your number should be known only to those whom you know personally.

The fact that we all worship Sai should make us a beautiful community but trust me, each one of us are different and Saibaba handles every individual devotee by residing in their heart. This is the greatness of our sweet guru. Sai works from inside your heart.

But in a forum or group on cloud messaging app, each member with a different mindset is receiving a message which may or may not help them at that moment.

I myself use Whatsapp but only send messages to my friends personally.

Let me tell you an example. I have few friends who don’t have a job. They don’t have a job for many months together. I have to handle them personally but certainly not send them an inspiring message from Sai which is meant for everyone in the community.

I post such messages on Social channels but I have a feeling that a Sai devotee who is going through tough time should have a good friend or someone caring in their family than such messages meant for mass audience.

A Few devotees also hurt me by saying that I am not good when I say group parayan of Sai Satcharita is not meant for all. I continue to stand with this opinion of mine because not all devotees enjoy such group parayan. There are many Sai devotees who wish to feel Sai in their heart, reading a book with devotion and without having to “UPDATE” anyone that they read so and so chapters.

Sai knows what you are reading. Saibaba is the one who’s blessing you. Inbetween, these updates consumes our time and distracts our spiritual effort.

Having said that, I like group parayan happening in a physical place like Temples etc. This way, you don’t have to update anyone. Devotees sit in a circle and one after another, they read few chapters from Sai Satcharita. Within 2 days, they complete the book. Sometimes, within a day they complete the parayan.

Why I am against Whatsapp group for Sai devotees and why I have to stress that often?

I received emails from few girls that they got into relationship with someone and got into troubles because of that.

It’s easy to say that it doesn’t happen often and in all such communities. But I firmly believe that even if one girl’s life is ruined due to such good initiatives, we should re-think on what’s right to do.

Every single girl’s life and every single guys life matters for Saibaba.

What am I going to gain in writing all this? Am I going to stop such group parayan? I want them to continue that because it’s benefiting them. They are also doing good karma.

But why don’t you think that the same Saibaba who encourages you is also making an ordinary person like me to tell the other side of the story? Why should you get upset with my writing? Hardly a few hundred devotees will read this. So don’t worry.

Some devotees assume that, I am not happy with the person who’s organizing such group parayan. Honestly not. What they are doing is an amazing job and they should continue that. Just that my experience is an outcome of my own past experiences.

Apart from all this, many innocent Shirdi Saibaba devotees trusts everyone who worships Saibaba. For Gods sake, please do not assume that someone who believes in Sai will be good.

I have faced sufferings in life from people who worship Sai.

So please do not trust someone just because they say “Sairam”.

Nowadays, saying that I have gone to Shirdi, and using the word “Sairam” has become a fashion.

Take me for example. I sometimes, get angry on my Father and shout at him. Then, I realize that he’s old and I should adjust no matter what he speaks.

There are so many other bad qualities in me which I am slowly trying to give-up.

Sometimes, I firmly believe that some of my friends who don’t worship Sai or don’t even go to any temples are far better than me. The problem with India is that, we assume someone who’s spiritual is good. Not really. We will know about someone only when we are in friendship with them for few months or years.

Why am I writing this on a New Year day. I saw a video in a political speech, a man shouting Sairam..Sairam etc. Few years back, Baba showed a dream that someone is trying to begin a political party using Sai’s name.

This is the last thing that could possible happen to this Nation.

Saibaba is our treasure. Let us keep Saibaba safely in our hearts. We should never ever be influenced by anyone who is misusing Baba’s name.

Having this basic rule in your mind. Only Saibaba is good and pure. Not all who say “Sairam”.

If you have this rule in mind, you will be safe no matter how many groups or community you are a part of.

Om Sai Ram


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