Shirdi Saibaba is not an option or alternative

Sairam friends,

Over the years, I have learnt this based on my own thought process. I love Shirdi Saibaba but at times, I focus on stuff other than remembering Sai. Only when I am not distracted with other stuff, I come back to Sai.

Sai wants us to enjoy life but we should never forget Sai.

Last night, I was worried about life and slept off without remembering Saibaba. Well, that doesn’t mean I forgot Sai. Just that, I seem to have kept Sai as an option or alternative.

First comes me, my desires and my own worries and difficulties. Only then, I am remembering Sai and seeking Sai’s blessings.

Saibaba has always been there for me even if I don’t bother to remember him. Just that Sai will be happy whenever I remember him and chant his holy name Sai Sai Sai in mind.

Ask yourself if you are giving importance to other stuff in life than Saibaba. Well, for most people who don’t know how Saibaba can help us, this article will be stupid.

For those of you who have realized how Sai works for his devotees, I might make sense.

Its up to me to remember Sai. No one forces me to do so.

I have all the freedom to either think of Sai and do good karma or simply live my life as I desire.

Please try to make Saibaba has the most important aspect of your life than simply keeping him as an option or alternative.

You will realize Sai’s presence.


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  1. Thanks for this article and reminding us that we should keep on remembeing.. I try but later I forgets… This is motivational to me .. I love sai baba I could feel that he is there with me all time.. but I am stupid that I forget to remember him and remember stupid people and things happening around me.

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