Whenever I travel abroad, I feel sad for India

Sairam friends, My Singapore trip was hectic and also gave me wonderful experience. I was surprised by how a land which was nothing more than a Swamp, Jungle and fishing village transformed into a beautiful destination. I don’t want to complain. India offers so much freedom but our own people have misused the freedom they … Read more

Sai is taking me to Singapore for 5 days

Sairam friends, I will be in Singapore from August 21st to 25th. Its official trip and hence I may not be able to escape from people around me and spare time for Sai devotees. But I still wish to give a try. Write to me if you wish to meet me. starsai27@gmail.com Having said that, … Read more

I saw myself in Shirdi in dream

Sairam friends, Last evening, I started little late from work and reached Saibaba temple. One of my friend there was hurt in his leg. So I took him to hotel to have food. Later, I dropped him and reached home. I spoke to my Mom for few minutes about my life. My Father asked me … Read more

Missing Shirdi so much

Dwarakamai, Shirdi

Sairam friends, I woke up at 4 A.M today with a dream. I completely forgot the dream (Thankfully. Else, I will write about it and complicate my life more). But I did got a message after the dream. Last evening too Sai blessed me with a dream as I hugged Saibaba statue and slept for … Read more