I saw myself in Shirdi in dream

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I started little late from work and reached Saibaba temple. One of my friend there was hurt in his leg. So I took him to hotel to have food. Later, I dropped him and reached home.

I spoke to my Mom for few minutes about my life. My Father asked me to regularly offer flower to Lakshmi Narasimhar photo which he kept in my bookshelf.

I slept off thinking about my Sister as my Mom was saying we both never exercise.

I had a dream as if I see my Sister running to take a Bus. I also run behind her. Then, I also run. I see a girl claiming a bus and I help her. Later, I see that she’s not allowing me to do video editing.

Then, I suddenly see myself in Shirdi. It was a different Shirdi. There’s a path on which I walk. A devotee says, below this bridge they have constructed furnace (Huge Kitchen) where they cook prasad for devotees.

Then, I see myself in a house near Shirdi temple. An elderly couple there does not keep their house clean. Many people who take alms acting as if they are sick are sitting there. I ask them to clean their house and first occupy it.

They are selling earrings but its not clean. They offer me a pair of earrings as a gift but I don’t take it as its dirty. Then, I see myself inside a hall. I had earlier given my mobile to a kid to play. This kid has dropped my mobile down and it was bulged and in bad shape.

I ask the kid what she did with the mobile but she acts as if the mobile is normal and nothing happened to it.he he ..

That’s it.

I woke up and realized Saibaba wants me to use all that I have for a good cause. I used to make Sai videos and also videos to help people in their Career earlier. Now a days, I am recording videos but no mood to upload the same.

I wish to lead a pure life always remembering Sai and doing good deeds. I wish to create a platform which enables people to get jobs.

Lets see how it goes.

Sai blessings


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