I am very conservative when it comes to Sai

Sairam friends,

Sai has done a lot to me. It looks like my life isn’t all that good but I know what Saibaba has done to me. Sometimes, I wonder why Sai cares so much for me. I have this doubt because I am not doing much for Saibaba.

Probably, I am always remembering him. That’s it.

I wish to be conservative when it comes to Sai. Meaning, I keep everything within myself. I express what I go through in my life and sometimes I also say how Baba is helping me. I write about the dreams I got and the temples I visited.

I often write about my Amma and Appa because it is because of them that I was able to spend almost one and half years in my life completely serving Sai. I used to spend hours coming around Holy Dhuni in Saibaba temple in Coimbatore.

I don’t think any other parents will let their Son do it.

In 2016, Sai blessed me with a dream about a girl at work in previous workplace. This was the only issue where I did few mistakes. Firstly, writing to this girl. Secondly, often expressing it in StarSai whenever I get dreams related to her.

I would have been little bit careful about how I handled this issue. I was foolish to write this girl as soon as I got first 2 dreams. Patience would have helped me get rid of embarrassment and depression for the next couple of years. To this day, I ask Sai why he did this to me?

Anyway, In all other issues, I have always been conservative. I mean to say, I had few principles which I follow.

The most important principle I have is to ensure any particular Sai devotee never get a feeling that Saibaba is not helping him/her but he’s helping others. The problem when we write Sai experiences is that, devotees who are worried about their problems think as below…

“Look. Saibaba is helping all these people but not me”

When I write about how much patience and tolerance I should have to get what I want, my intention is to convey the message of “Saburi – Patience” to Sai devotees.

The second most important principle I have is this.

Never ever hinder privacy of a devotee. Thousands of devotees has shared what’s happening in their life to me in the past 15 years. I have kept all their messages confidentially.

Gradually, I loose contact with most of my Sai friends but that’s OK.

Secondly, Whenever I post any devotees experience, I wish to ensure a devotee’s privacy is not hindered.

I am completely against creating a community or forum or whatsapp group for Sai devotees.

The only reason is that I don’t like one person to see another’s phone number. This is completely not acceptable for me.

Devotees write me or come to StarSai with so many problems in their life. So exposing their full name or phone number or even email address publicly in a way any other individual can access is not right.

My most important principle is this.

Never cage a Sai devotee into a system I create

Example – I can only say “Please read Sai Satcharita”

“Please do chanting of Sai’s holy name”.

I should not go beyond this and get them into a framework.

Who am I to create a framework to read life of Sai? Who am I to create framework to chant Sai’s holy name.

Sai knows every individual devotee is unique. So Sai inspires them to get close to him in the right method that’s suits that specific individual.

Example – Some devotees might not prefer chanting but they like to always listen to Sai bhajans.

Some devotees like to recite Aarti regularly and some can’t wait for 30 minutes with patience even to listen to aarti.

Sai has all such different kinds of devotees. So Sai knows how to handle them individually.

The specialty of Saibaba is his ability to live inside yourself.

How can I design a framework to show devotion on him?

I can just inspire you to remember Sai..Sai…Sai.

My job is to express the greatness of Sai and I should stop with that.

I have learnt so much from Sai devotees over the years. So their privacy is most important for me. I especially warn Sai devotees getting on a whatsapp group or being active on Social media.

Please be careful about who knows you.

Not all should know who you are, where you live and what you do.

I like to be conservative.

I don’t speak to all. I don’t write to all. I just know one big truth. There are thousands of Sai devotees who love him dearly.

Each devotee is taken care of Sai himself individually.

I am his slave.

This thought process came in me through Sai even if you disagree with it.

Its 1 at night. I have to start to work tomorrow morning.

Sai blessings



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