Sai said the day is not yours…

Sairam friends,

I couldn’t write regularly in StarSai since I am going through some worries thinking about life. I am not sure how Saibaba is going to show me a way.

Anyway, Last night, I had been to Saibaba temple and felt good. I was roaming around few minutes and once in a while remembered Sai.

Few years back, in 2005, the people who take alms outside Nagasai mandir were really happy when we offer food. Now, there’s no respect or value for food as these people just need money. Some of them even use it for drinking.

So if you wanted to give food, then you can’t easily give it to someone sitting outside temple. May be, they don’t need food. On the other hand, I used to give food to people who sell stuff standing in the road. Even those who seem to be dressed well and those we assume may not accept food, will thankfully accept it. Just that, we should say, we have some extra parcel of food. Will you accept it.

Last night, I took one of this guy who does labor job to bakery near temple. Another man joined us with me asking to. My friend was making fun not to give him anything as he joined us without inviting. Then, he just asked for a tea.

Few seconds before, I just thought in mind the following

“When it comes to offering food, anyone can join us without inviting. Even if we are not in good terms with them, its our responsibility to give them some food. Basically, there aren’t any rules when it comes to offering food and water.”

After the temple was closed, I was speaking to my friend Prem for few minutes and started home.

I applied viboothi on my palm and forehead and slept off remembering Sai and Goddess Kali.

I had many strange dreams. Once of them was as if there’s an accident and then a Cow is getting hurt.

Later, I hear the words “The day is not yours”.

Meaning, this isn’t a good day for you. So try to handle it carefully.

I will try to be careful today.

I like to chant Saibaba’s holy name in mind. I believe, when Sai is with me, I don’t have to worry much.

Om Sai Ram


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