Heard the sound of “Om” by Sai grace

Sairam friends,

I am writing this sitting in corner of beautiful Nagasai mandir in Coimbatore. Couple of weeks back, I had a peculiar experience. I heard the divine sound uttered by a poor saint in some village. This old man was saying ‘OM”.

It was not a dream. It was a moment when I was about to wake up when I heard an old man saying “Om”. I was wondering if it was for real that I hear such a sound emerging from my bed. Once again, I heard the old man saying “Om”

I never call such experiences as miraculous because I am used to it for several years. Similar, I once heard Baba saying “Your life will be good if you do Phd”

Until now, I haven’t got an opportunity to begin my Phd which scares me a lot because does that mean my life won’t be good if I don’t do Phd?

Anyway, I was inquisitive about why Saibaba made me hear the sound of om. Probably because most of the time I simply chant “Sai Sai Sai” or I add Sai as prefix to any God or Goddess I love.


I usually chant

Sai Mahalakhmi

Sai Bhadrakali

Sai Saraswathi etc

May be, Sai wants me to learn the greatness of including “Om” to all the chanting I do like “Om Sai Ram” etc.

I was also reading about a beautiful hill temple in Tamilnadu for Lord Kathikeya called Sivan Malai the day before I had the sound Om emerge from my bed.

So I wish to take my parents to Sivan malai and have darshan of Lord Murugan.

These days, I am really upset about why Saibaba blessed me with dream of a girl back in 2016/2017. I am trying to understand why Saibaba should do it. As I get old, I believe I atleast deserve an answer or clarity from Sai.

Lets see what Saibaba does.

Om Sai Ram



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