A Sai devotee did 108 Lamps pooja which makes me happy

Sairam friends,

One of the best things about running StarSai is that I make people feel better when they are going through difficult times. Years back, I was crazy about lighting lamps both in temple and at home. Gradually, I slowed down especially since now a days, I am not able to take time for lighting 108 lamps at home.

Fortunately, good things spread among Sai devotees. So reading how I used to do 108 Lamps pooja, some devotees get inspiration to do pooja in their home.

Shirdi Saibaba 108 lamps pooja

Here’s the beautiful 108 lamps pooja done by Poornima.

Om Sai Ram lamps pooja with 108 lamps

She sent the Shirdi Saibaba 108 lamps pooja photographs with the below mail

“Dear Venkat Sir,

I came across your website and found 108 Deepams for Sai baba. From the time I saw and read the blogs I felt like doing this deepam puja at home. It was awesome experience as though home turned into beautiful temple.

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful experience via your website. Love for baba and devotion increases day by day by reading wonderful stories of baba.

Baba bless you.


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What I am doing these days?

I continue to feel insecure with my Career. So I am working on few projects and that’s why I am not able to write regularly in StarSai. I am not sure what Saibaba has planned for me. Only Sai knows what works best for my life.

Saibaba continues to guide me through dreams. Couple of days back, I had a very cute dream. When we went to the US to meet my Sister’s family, She took us to bad lands where there’s a peculiar Dog called Prairie Dogs.

It had a fat stomach and cute. It doesn’t have shape of a Dog but they are known as Dogs for reasons I don’t know.

In our home in Coimbatore, my Mom regularly keeps food for Crows which is taken by crows, other cute birds and also squirrels.

Prairie Dogs

In the dream, I saw fat squirrels which I have seen in Sioux Falls come into my room and play around with me. Suddenly I also saw Prairie Dogs coming into my room and playing around.

Prairie dogs are not domestic animals. So I am wondering why I saw this dream? It could be because my Sister’s Daughter is thinking about us. We also sent lots of homemade snacks to her yesterday. It will reach her by next Friday. I think She will be happy remembering us when she receives our snacks.

I live my life based on Sai dreams and I felt this dream to be cute and funny.
The dream also made me feel that I should never chop off the 2-3 trees inside my home because some birds and squirrels are living there. Sai cares for animals. Years back, I made StarSai.in which speaks about why we should care for all lives on Earth.


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