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Sai helps to pass in exams

Sairam friends,

These days, I am going through some worries but occasionally, I keep myself happy by Sai grace. Every evening, I visit the Saibaba temple in Coimbatore and also meet my friends there.

I wish to post an experience by a devotee named Vishwjeeta.

SAI BABA introduced his presence to me when I was in standard 10th i.e I started to praying him from 10 however later I got distracted and would only remember him very few times

When I was in 2nd year of Engineering, I was very much scared of my result as I didn’t study up to the mark.

After my Exams Fortunately my family planned a Shirdi trip and we all went to Shirdi on 28th December. The Shirdi Trip was Awaited from the last 6 months which finally succeeded.

I was confident of only 5 papers out of 7. So after exams, I started to read SHREE SAI SATCHARITRA and Also did SAI NAV GURUVAR VRAT. I got my result and I CLEARED ALL SUBJECTS. The first Subject which I was not confident about I scored 11 marks more than expected, and the in 2nd subject I scored 6 marks more than expected.

I was shocked and I strongly BELIEVE that SAI BABA made it happen ..

I just followed Shraddha – Saburi (Faith – Patience).

THANK YOU SAIBABA for Everything

– Vishwjeeta

I also made a video to help students and professionals who have exam fear.

Hope you like it friends


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