Sai shows who really are your good friends

Sairam friends,

Everyday, Sai blesses me with a dream. Everyday. If there’s a day when I feel like I din’t had any dreams, I will wake up and ask Sai “Baba what happened to you today? Why no dreams?”

If its weekend, I will sleep again in my parents room asking Sai to bless me with a dream and surely Sai will bless me with a dream.

Most of the dreams will be hard to interpret but some dreams will be vivid.

This morning, Sai blessed me with a dream of a friend from previous company.

Back in 2015 to 2017, he used to drop me in his car from office to Saibaba temple. ( I had my car but won’t take it to work…he he). We used to have a good chat about office issues and our life.

After I left the previous company, I continue to see people there in dream. I used to assume that this friend of mine forgot me and stopped messaging him.

This morning, I had a vivid dream. It was like I am in this friend’s relatives home and he is asking me about what’s happening at my workplace. Then, he says that he wanted to drop his relatives in car and asks me to join so that he can drop me in my home.

Meanwhile, he also asks me if I learnt to read Tamil and I say yes!

I am not sure why Sai showed me this dream but probably because Sai means to say that he’s still a good friend.

I messaged him on Whatsapp about this dream for which he also felt happy.

As far as I could analyze, Saibaba guides me on why really are my friends and whom I should trust.

When you are confused if you can trust someone or why some of your friends behave odd, give yourself some time. Gradually, you will realize if they deserve to be your friend or not.

Yesterday, I took my parents to Sivan Malai and felt blissful. Will write about it later.

Sai blessings


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