Sai Baba blesses a girl with a good husband and a happy married life

Sairam friends,

While many Sai Baba devotees write to me only when they face problems in their life, some of them write to me to share happy experiences Sai blessed them with.

When you share the good things which happened in your life, it helps other Sai devotees with faith on Saibaba and makes them trust Sai will also help them with a good life.

So here’s a beautiful experience by a devotee Geetha Vasanth from Bangalore. You are certainly going to love it as much as I did.

Om Sai Ram,

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my expression on my precious mate ‘SAI’. The name ‘SAI’ is imbibed in me ever since I attained conscience and acknowledge his presence in my life.

In spite of many miraculous gestures, I would like to share one instance which to this day astonishes me a lot. Well, I am talking about the process that my parents had set forth to get me married during my mid 20’s. I was totally taken aback by this so-called ‘arranged marriage’ thing because I could never understand the thought of marrying and living the rest of my life with a stranger.

This phase was dispiriting to me. Profiles of prospective grooms were being mailed to me almost every week to seek my consent from my parents. With my ideologies, liberal mindset, and vocal traits at that point in time, I could not envision myself being associated with anyone who would accept, respect my persona and let me be the way I was.

Before long, I became dejected and started exhibiting no interest in scanning through these profiles. Until then, I had visited Chennai twice, to meet a couple of grooms (I was from Delhi).

During that period, I had this strong conversation with my SAI and told him that

“You know very well about me, you know what kind of person I am, where and why have you left me alone in this game, which I am not at all fine with.”

I also said, “I would marry a soul who will come to Delhi (believing that this would never happen) to see me and marry me instead of me going and meeting him in Chennai.”

It gives me goose-bumps even today when I think about that instance of my life. I was so stubborn that I fixed my mindset and planned to stick to it no matter what. My conversation was so strong as I kept my heart out to him and surrendered myself to him saying that,

“My life is not mine anymore, It’s you who will decide my fate from now on.”

Believe me, after a couple of weeks my father received a phone call from my current father-in-law saying that,

“You being in Delhi, we would like to come to Delhi to meet your family.”

Initial formalities happened with ease and I met my one and only beautiful soul mate, my current husband whom I purely consider as my SAI’s prasadam to me.

My life completely changed after my marriage as I found SAI’s reflection in my husband. I thank him every day to make my life worthy and live peacefully and to teach me for most purpose of it.

Geetha Vasanth, Bangalore

Hope you liked this Sai leela friends. Thousands of girls are going through similar situation currently. They get into frustration and there will be small arguments in the family when the right match could not be found.

Do not worry much. Shirdi Saibaba will bless you with good soul mate and your life will be beautiful.

Om Sai Ram


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