108 Lamps Puja Photos

Sairam friends,

It’s been years since I did 108 lamps pooja in my home but I feel happy whenever any Sai devotee writes to me that they did the 108 lamps Puja in their home.

So I wish to post email I received from a devotee to you along with beautiful photographs of Puja she did.

Hello Venkat!

Hope everything is fine at your end. Inspired by you I tried 108 lamps puja at home this Thursday. As I mentioned earlier I don’t have an Indian store nearby my home so it was not possible for me to get clay lamps.

I just did with candles which I usually light by Baba’s. I made a white dress for Baba as I dreamed Baba in a white dress that morning! It was an amazing experience !!!

Thank you so much!

Sai Disha

Here’s a beautiful photo of Disha’s 108 Deepam Puja

108 Deepam Pooja for Shirdi Saibaba
108 Deepam Pooja

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Try to do 108 lamps pooja at your home or temple if any temple allows you to light so many lamps. You can also light 27 lamps if you don’t have enough space.

A request – When lamps are lit, don’t leave home. Stay at home and ensure that you are safe too. Keep any things which could help you estinquish the fire near by and also let everyone at home know that you are going to do this pooja. Kindly ensure that you are wearing dress which won’t catch fire easily.

I have a responsibility to speak about safety when I encourage Sai devotees to do such puja with lamps. So had to write so much. Hope you understand.

Sai Blessings


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