Auspicious 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram,

This morning I went for a good walking.

A walking I won’t forget for my lifetime because I am not sure if I can do it forever.

I am happy that once again, a devotee was inspired by 108 lamps pooja article and did this divine Pooja in her home.

Lighting lamps with Gingelly oil (Til oil as they call in North India) is good. The most auspicious way of lighting lamps is by using pure ghee to light lamps.You can use an earthen lamp or bronze, silver lamp. If you can’t light 108 lamps, make sure you regularly light 2 lamps remembering Sai in a safe place at your home. Your life will be filled with auspiciousness.

Before that, a beautiful Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi photo contributed by Muruli Sai

Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi Mandir
Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi Mandir

I like the vibrant colors in the above Samadhi Mandir photo of Sai Baba. Having a darshan of Baba in Samadhi Mandir built by Buti itself fills our life with auspiciousness.

Divine Shirdi Saibaba pooja done by Nila with 108 lamps

108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba
Divine lamps lit for Shirdi Saibaba

Om Sainathaya Namaha

Shirdi Saibaba
Offerings for Shirdi Saibaba

May auspiciousness fill your family

Keep doing naam smaran SAI SAI SAI in mind

Sai ki jai


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3 thoughts on “Auspicious 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba”

  1. Wonderful, I’m currently in US, will try to do this pooja(with all family members) once i will be back to India. Love you Sai Baba :).

    If possible, I will share 108 lamps pooja pics.

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