Shirdi Saibaba’s Sense of Humour

Sairam friends,

Am always writing Sad stories about my life….Ore tragedy iruku pa. ( Don’t want bore sai devotees with only Tragedy) .

Last morning, one of my friend at work suddenly sent a message in chat showing a link from Star Sai and asked “Is it yours”.  You found or someone told you. I had no other go but to say “Yes its Sai’s, I am his servant”.

I told him, Its not a site.. StarSai is my life and I wish to build a place called Star Sai before I die for welfare of humanity. Not all who see me at work can understand me. I very humbly requested him not to say others by himself as its good if people come on their own

After a while, I did feel slowly slowly everyone are going to know about Star Sai and my life is going to be like a Daily Newspaper ! If people living in Dubai, California, Australia, Europe …Somewhere in Andhra, Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kolkata to Mumbai reads my life, Its OK because they don’t see me actually but these people see me everyday.

I know some always keep me in prayers but not all people will be same.

Anyway, Life goes on and who ever comes to Star Sai are Sai’s children and I love and respect them with heart and soul !

Discovering the good things about making people smile and laugh:

As I told you, the past few fridays am doing  a write up with Imaginary stories based on the guys in my Team at work.  Actually am good at web research and do writing only when asked to. My friends kept saying It has to come out well. You are blinking for 2 weeks if we ask you to do brochure content but if you are doing such stories, you complete is soon.

I wrote this story with lots of apt images for 25 pages. Since yesterday evening itself, they asked me to “Release” the movie, we did it! They loved it a lot and I was exited too as its something I did with lots of interest !

Its story about 2 guys running away from another and going to Dubai Entrepreneur forum to achieve something in life by submitting their Business plan. They attend Charity run by Edihad Airlines and get free tickets to Dubai like its in the Tamil movie “Ethir Neechal” …they go Dubai happily. They come across their friend Vadivel and shocked to see he’s our comedian Vadivelu but says he’s actually look alike and a Venture Capitalist in U.A.E with enna kinar ( Oil well )  across the country worth 7 billion dollars !

They doubt if he is really Business Tycoon and test him with dialogues “Aama Thubaaila neenga enna vela paatheenga” but Vadivel proves he’s truly a Venture capitalist and says them his companies name is “Vadivel Inc’ …The guys asks “Enna ne Bril ink Maari solreenga and then understands Inc is actually Incorporated.

He helps them to Meet Russian and UAE VIPS but on the day of meet when they go to Car parking to take the Business plan unfortunately the other guy too comes to Dubai and dumps in Priya Anand in their suitcase getting them into problem..She says your friend only kidnapped me and put me inside this so that you will go to jail …he he…..Finally they escape from Dubai and comes back.

There’s also a Moral in this story for Entrepreneurs and how one must be determined to achieve something in life.

I can’t show you the entire script because its highly confidential… !

Silenta padikanum ! he he..

Since the movie was released yesturday, i have nothing much to do today.

While I was back to Nagasai mandhir, I again felt depressed but all day I was laughing at times at work. I don’t know what’s good for me Sai but then I wish to inspire people to smile and laugh all my life…Probably a Humor resource site…( Adhu onnu dhaan micham)

I honestly felt good but then Sad also while they were reading story. I remember my filmmaking days when I used to write screen play so eagerly ! Yesterday, One of this guy who asked this story as a fan request was so exited, touched my knee and said “I am so happy.You are like my Guru…Do you have a blog…Iruka?”

I blinked and said…Illa…I don’t have one…

Ivanukum therunju pochaanu bayandhuten baba !

Anyway, This is what creativity can do..It can make people forget themselves and their worries..Bring them Happiness they really deserve..

After all, I have to be careful here after and don’t want to do it each Friday…This time I did and its over Sai. There are people who dedicate all their time and energy at work and I really feel bad when I keep laughing. I have a weakness that i cant control laughing if anyone says a joke..So have to be careful Sai…

Lets see Sai’s Sense of Humor:

Sai Satcharitra Chapter 24: – Click here to download and read Sai Satcharitra

To say that, we shall state such and such in the next or this Chapter, is a sort of egoism. Unless, we surrender our ego to the feet of our Sad-guru, we will not succeed in our undertaking. If we become egoless, then our success is assured.

By worshipping Sai Baba, we attain both the objects, worldly and spiritual, and are fixed in our true Nature, and get peace and happiness. Therefore, those who want to gain their welfare, should respectfully hear Sai Baba’s Leelas or stories and meditate on them. If they do this, they will easily attain the object of their life and get Bliss.
Generally, all people like wit and humour, but they do not like that jokes should be cut at their expense. But Baba’s method was peculiar; when it was accompained with gestures, it was very interesting and instructive, and the people, therefore, did not mind, if they were held up to the ridicule. Hemadpant gives his own instance below.

Anna Chinchanikar vs. Mavsibai

Hemadpant, now describes another witty incident, in which Baba played a peace-maker’s part. There was one devotee by name Damodar Ghanashyama Babare alias Anna Chinchanikar. He was simple, rough and straightforward. He cared for nobody, always spoke plainly and carried all dealings in cash. Though he looked outwardly harsh and uncompromising, he was good natured and guileless. So Sai Baba loved him. One day, like others serving Baba in their own way, this Anna was, one noon standing prone and was shampooing the left arm of Baba, which rested on the kathada (railing).

On the right side, one old widow named Venubai Koujalgi whom Baba called mother and all others Mavsibai, was serving Baba in her own way. This Mavsibai was an elderly woman of pure heart. She clasped the fingers of both her hands round the trunk of Baba and was at this time kneading Baba’s abdomen. She did this so forcibly that Baba’s back and abdomen became flat (one) and Baba moved from side to side.

Anna on the other side was steady, but Mavsibai’s face moved up and down with her strokes. Once it so happened that her face came very close to Anna’s. Being of a witty disposition she remarked – “Oh, this Anna is a lewd (bad) fellow, he wants to kiss me. Even being so old with grey hair he feels no shame in kissing me.” These words enraged Anna and he pulled up his sleeves and said – “You say that I am an old bad fellow, am I quite a fool?It is you that have picked up a quarrel and are quarreling with me”.

All the persons, present there were enjoying this encounter between them. Baba Who loved both of them equally and wanted to pacify them, managed the affair very skillfully.

Lovingly He said – “Oh Anna, why are you unnecessarily raising this hue and cry? I do not understand what harm or impropriety is there, when the mother is kissed?”

Hearing these words of Baba, both of them were satisfied and all the persons laughed merrily and enjoyed Baba’s wit to their heart’s content.

Thats it friends.

Its 8.45 ….Tooooooooo Late

I wrote it just to make sure today all sai devotees must smile.

sorry if i hurt anyone in this life baba

Please bless me with ability to bring Smile in Lives of as many people as possible




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