Its Thursday, Devotees call it ‘Baba’s Day” – If you are depressed listen to Sai Aarti

Sairam friend,

I have 30 minutes to write now before starting to work. Now lets start from depression. I am really depressed the past 2 days because I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sai is not guiding me in dream also. I saw a dream today which was very strange. Again a week end is nearing and hope my parents don’t get hurt because of me.

There are millions of people around the world who get depressed for various reasons. When I keep thinking how to write article to come out of depression, All I could suggest is

“Forget Past and Believe your life is going to change for good”

Cause of Depression:

I really don’t want to think like Sigmund Freud .

By the way,Sigmund Freud is famous figure in psychology and is also one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century.

I tried to learn some of his theories and honestly must accept that am not smart or have time to understand. I had a idea of learning Psychology..some distance learning course as I thought it will help me learn how Mind works and also since many devotees mail me, I could help them professionally. After reading few articles related to Psychology, I feel better I don’t learn …he he …. because

1. Its confusing me

2. Its complicating a Ordinary Sai servant.

When I write to devotees as simple as I can, it makes sense rather than doing a professional counseling.

There are good Psychologists who are doing a better job for such people and honestly, i must accept treating such people really needs lots of patience. If you or your loved ones have a problem, please visit a good Psychologist. Not always, but at times, it helps. It really does.

When it comes to me,

My Business is Devotion and who ever comes to Star Sai must be filled with Love on Gods, Goddess and Saints and wish to do it for lifetime.

Of course unfortunately, you happen to read about my life “Venkat ki prem kahaaniya” he he…but kindly ignore them.

Couple of days back one of my friend asked me “I wanted to tell about Star Sai to my friends. Did you delete all the articles you wrote about relationship”

I told him “Now Star Sai is filled with my relationship issues. If you think its wrong then don’t say. I find it OK accept that I do have a feeling to delete few articles at times”

So coming back to causes of Depression – It could be any reason. I know that I am depressed suddenly when something deep in me feels too sad. There’s a difference between being sad and depressed as in depression we feel, “It would have not happened like this….It would have been better…Now its all over” etc

Spiritually speaking, You can surely come out of depression if you are in starting stage

How to come out of Depression by Sai devotion:

1. Do Dhyana – Meditation

No body has to teach you meditation or give deeksha. That’s not my way or Sai’s way too. I personally believe if you know to sit calm, thinking about any Gods,Goddess or true ancient Saints you love, close your eyes. That’s it. You can Meditate.

Think about the object of Meditation alone – To me its Shirdi Sai baba so you can choose to meditate even on a tree but make sure you only think about the holy tree. Gods lives in everything.

2. Naam Smaran – Chanting of Gods/Saints name:

I believe in Naam Samaran – Chanting of Gods or Saints name is truly wonderful. When I was in Mumbai, I used to have a chanting counter and keep chanting Sairam, Sairam, Sairam always in mind. When I go back after work, I will be surprised to see that I have chanted more than 10,000 times !

One of my friend from Malaysia asked me for the chanting counter and I gave it to her as gift. I really missed it but then understood, Sai wanted me to chant without such counters !

Now a days, I keep chanting when ever I am not really busy. If you do a work in which you have to put all your heart and soul, then chanting automatically slows down and stops but if you do any work coolly, surely you can practice your mind to keep chanting ..

You can chant holy name of any true ancient Saint, Gods or Goddess you love.

3. Come out of Bad company and pray for Good people around you.

Its good to be surrounded by good people who really care for you. Years back when I only had friend who are very self centered, I kept praying Sai, bless me with people who are really Kind and affectionate. Let me have friends who are really good at heart. Sai did bless me with good friends.

You can’t trust all your friends but make sure you have someone to share your problems. It could be your parents, sister, brother, cousins or any of your close friends whom you can trust.

Do not be possessive or argue with anyone .( I have been and suffered but now I am freeeeeeeee..Happy !!! ye ye ye )

4. Venkat’s Theory of Nature and Music!

Yes ! You can propose a Theory silently without studying Psychology. Hundreds of years later in 2241, someone will dig up this stupid Sai servants Star Sai and realize “Oh my God ! What a Unbelievable theory ” …..They will think i am really one of the biggest thinkers of 20th century and Sai alone knows how Stupid I have been.

I have been a Photographer and love it and Know the power of Images. Just that you must love to see photographs as a big thing irrespective of what you are going through in life.

Venkat’s Theory of Nature

Search for good Videos and Photography of Land Scapes, Beautiful places, River, Mountains, trees and ………….It goes on

Learn to love Nature..

Learn to see the little birds  and admire them

Learn to feed a Dog or cows or any animals you come across in streets !

I am posting the following Photography courtesy of National Geographic ! Hope they don’t ask me to remove friends.

horses mongolia leong national-geographic
Beautiful as your life – Photography courtesy of NG..Horses mongolia leong national geographic

Visit National Geographic Photography for more beautiful Photos to bring peace in your mind.

People think they have to visit scenic places to feel the peace but you can’t always do it. Even thinking about it makes your mind feel at peace. In scriptures its said, If you are in Kashi and think of something else you don’t get any benefit but if you be where ever you are and keep thinking of Annapurna and Kashi Vishwanadhar, then you earn the punya – Merits of living in Kashi. Such is the power of remembering Gods, Nature and being Pure at heart.

Venkat’s Theory of Music

Listen to Good music…Make sure it touches your heart. Listen to music that others too will enjoy but do not play it loud. Listen to instrumentals …Flute, Piano….etc

Meditate on the Music looking at Shirdi Saibaba photo or any saints you love…

Trust me, It helps !

5. Develop your Sense of Humor:

Its what you are. Human being are gifted to Smile. My Mom always ask me why are you always sad? I say because I am sad….

But I believe in smiling and laughing..It honestly helps you.

Now a days, I am trying to make others laugh ..

At work, I do a write ups to share some Friday for my team guys. It will be a write up imagining the guys in my Team and I will write a very humerus story based on their characteristics.  There’s this guy who keep saying “I know…” for everything. Other guys were irritated by his nature. Yesterday they came near me and told “We have a Fan request”

I asked what ? They said Write a story for this Friday..It must be so good and humerus and cover his nature of saying that he knows everything, he has been every where etc.  I said but he must not get hurt…so shall write something with all your names.

Indha task vera panna vendiyadha iruku baba ! ( I have to take care of such tasks at work too sai…so i fastly did it at home)

Though I don’t really like it, I am doing  it because it makes others smile and when I see others smile, I feel good and smile too !

Last week I wrote Travel Extravaganza

So this Friday am doing a imaginary humerus write up called “Travel Extravaganza – Part 2” ..

Its about the guys in my Team got irritated from this “I KNOW “guy and wanted to go away from him to Dubai and start a business.  They try for free ticket to Dubai in Luxury airlines Etihad by doing a Charity Run organized by Etihad Airlines !…( Same as in the movie Ethir Neechal) and my story has all humor ..Priya Anand ..cute kutti .. Village of one of my friend…he he…….But their flight crashes and “I KNOW” guy wins in the end.  Its coming out well ! Hope this Friday, they smile !

Moral of the Story ! Learn to make others smile ! It brings glory in your life too…

6. Listen to Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti

Yes. If you are depressed listen to Sai Aarti. Its in Marati and you may not know the language or meaning. You can learn meaning in Star Sai sometime later. As of now Listen to Sai aarti. Trust me there’s some thing enthusiastic

Click here to listen to Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Madhyana aarti Dhoop aarti Shej Aarti mp3

That’s it friends !

Kindly don’t write me if you are seriously depressed because am also a ordinary devotee and not a professional counselor . Am trying to help people live peacefully by Sai devotion.

Keep loving Sai and yourself.

Yes Love thyself !

Because If you love yourself, you will lead a better positive life

Sai lives in you.

Love yourself and also spread love where ever you go !

Oh God ! I forgot the task my friends at work asked me to Do. They find me too spiritual and told me “Here after must come to movies when ever they call and also they asked me did you know AppaTakkar joke from the Movie Boss engira Baskaran. I said “I don’t know this joke”

They said “Tonight you must see this Appatakkar joke in Youtube and tomorrow answer all our questions about it”

I promised them that surely i shall do it but forgot…Its already 8 friends..

Hope they forgot it and don’t keep exam today ! he he..

Its Thursday, Sai devotees call it Babas day…to me every day is Babas day !

so be happy

keep smiling !

Ok tata now

Sai ram

Baba, You know what’s good for me..Please show me a way !



5 thoughts on “Its Thursday, Devotees call it ‘Baba’s Day” – If you are depressed listen to Sai Aarti”

  1. if we read shri ramana maharishis words to his mother.then where is the i think we should think and feel always good.sai bless you.
    om sainathaya namaha.

  2. I use to keep on chanting Sai Ram whole day whenever i am not too busy. Baba shower your blessing to all.


  4. Om sairam I can feel your presence in my life baba each and every movement of my life is full of your blessings I can touch your feet like anything your feet is near to my eyes your love is touching to my heart baba thank u for your love. I will be kind to u always till my breath stops.
    manjula sairam

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