Why do we take a wrong decision in life?

Sairam friends,

If you think life is shaped by few incidents, relationships and events, then, its the decisions which leads to such events and relationships hold the key reason why something happens to us.

Decisions could be in issues like..

  1. Studies – You decide which course or institution is suitable for you.
  2. Career – You like to work for a company in a specific location you are comfortable with.
  3. Relationship – You befriend someone and fall in love with then. Eventually, you like to marry them or someone else.

In all these cases, there are chances that we take a wrong decision in life.

When you are a Sai devotee, how does Sai lets you take a wrong decision?

I have a guess in this aspect.

1.May be, that’s your fate. Sai can’t completely change your fate. Sai lets us go through sufferings because it teaches life better. Wisdom comes from such experiences.

2.May be, Sai wasn’t able to help you – This is a strange reason because a saint like Sai can always help you. May be not. Because Saints works based on your karmic deeds. If you don’t have enough good deeds earned from past birth and this birth, Sai can’t do much.

3. May be you forgot Sai for a moment – I firmly believe there’s good and evil. The evil tries to haunt you to let you down, to hurt you and to ruin your life.

I will tell you a story from Sai’s lifetime.

Dhumal was a pleader in Nagpur. In 1907, he was the one who introduced Saibaba to Buti.

Once Dhumal hears Saibaba telling this to him

“Bhau, what would have happened to you if I had left you even for a moment”

If you analyze these words of Baba, you can understands that even if you forget Sai for a moment, you might face problems from evil forces which will ruin your life.

Now, let me say what evil forces are.

Let’s say your parents found a guy for you to get married. You marry him. Later, you realize that he’s not good.

Now, the evil forces are not some ghost. Evil force is the wrong guy you had to marry.

We can go on to analyze several issues in our life but basically, my suggestion is remembering Sai to secure your life.

Do good deeds.

Do your work.

and simply

Remember Sai in your mind.

I am getting late for work now.

So Tata


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