Meditation has become a billion dollar business.Please don’t be a victim

Sairam friends,

From this morning, I am working on one of my project. It was basically a good day for me. Just that, when I went to Saibaba temple in the evening, I saw a Standee carrying promotional banner of some organization running some Meditation classes. They claim that it’s a free class and I know these people are good.

Just that, I did not like such promotions happening in Saibaba temple. I was little upset about it. Tomorrow, some other worse organization making money out of meditation might ask permission to advertise their workshop in temple.

I have a problem with these modern so called “Gurus”. They speak well. They seem to have authored few books and gain good number of views on Youtube.

Here come’s the problem with all these modern Gurus.

They cannot work on a individual from within.

Their books and videos or any meditation they teach is nothing compared to ancient saints way of working on an individual from inside.

I never ask anyone to worship Shirdi Saibaba. I will be satisfied if they worship any good ancient saint. But unfortunately, today’s modern saints have been cheating millions of people and grabbing their time and wealth for years,

I personally asked Saibaba to help many youngters they way he has helped me. I am worried about young girls and guys going behind false Guru’s and assuming them as great master.

It upsets me to think that I can’t do much about it.

The funny part is this. You really don’t have to learn meditation.

There’s nothing divine and sacred about whatever these false guru’s are imparting in the name of highly effective meditation technique.

Please sit in a clean place, close your eyes and chant God’s name or any ancient saints name. This is enough.

My intention is to bring wonderful people to real, ancient saint. It doesn’t have to be Shirdi Saibaba. In Maharastra, there were various saints like Swami Samartha, Narasimha Saraswati of Narsobwadi, Gajanan Maharaj etc.

In Tamilnadu, there were saints like Mahaperiyava of Kanchipuram, Yogiraj Ram Surat Kumar, Ramana Maharishi etc.

I personally like Mahaperiyava and Yogiraj Ram Surat Kumar as they both have come in my dream like Sai did.

You can get peace of mind even if you spend time with your family or parents. You can get peace of mind when you take a long walk all alone.

You will feel good when you read a good book.

There’s nothing special meditation alone can do to you. My request is simple. Do meditation on your own. I have gone through all those stuff they say about raising Kundalini, taking Guru deeksha etc.

When you worship ancient Guru, they bless you on their own. You don’t have to be a part of any specific organization.

Meditate on your own. Worship ancient Guru and be free in life. Don’t belong to any specific modern false Guru’s idiotic movement. All they need is your money and your word of mouth marketing.

Anyway, I am writing this not to change millions of people. In Kaliyug, people will go behind false Guru. I can’t stop them. I can stop few hundred Sai devotees who reads this and show them the right path.

This evening, I got Coconut from Sathyanarayan Pooja. I felt good and gave it to my Mom after I reached home.

My Sister called up from the U.S while I was in Petrol bunk. It’s been years since she has come here. So I showed her how it looks like outside Saibaba temple in India.

She asked me how much does petrol cost now in India and I told her.

I told her that I am OK with the new Company as they have good products. I love doing Corporate branding.

But then…I told my Mom that I keep having dreams of people from previous company. She told me, may be, you will move to that campus eventually.

Earlier, I only had one confusion. I often kept asking Baba why he showed one of this girl in dream from 2016. Now, I am confused what connection I have with people from previous company?

I have some answers but nothing is clear as of now. Think, I need to go to a meditation workshop….he he..

Well! Not really.

Like you, I also have problems and difficulties.

I also feel stressed.

Going behind any False Gurus and following their Meditation technique cannot change my life.

I have to stay strong internally. This alone can make my life better.

It’s the same for everyone.

Be Pure. Do your work and stay strong.

If you want to do meditation, sit in a corner and do it on your own.

If you are really earnest any ancient saint will guide you on their own personally to you.

Don’t feed the meditation industry. It’s already billion dollar worth. Don’t be a victim by getting hooked to such organizations.

The world needs saints like Sai who works from inside yourself.

Sai is antaryami.

Om Sai Ram


(Meditation is beautiful gift of God but I am against organizations and some false Gurus using it as a means to gain followers for them. This article is to safeguard innocent people from dangerous false gurus spread across India and abroad)

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