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Spreading Sai leela…

spreading sai leela
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

A simple platform I created to inspire Sai devotees to have faith in him has started getting traction in the market. Ha ha..That’s how I should call it if I see it as a Startup.

Anyway, I was worried thinking no Sai devotees are interested in sharing their experiences in my new blog. Thankfully, today, I received 2 devotees experiences. It’s 11.39 at night and It took almost 2 hours for me to publish it. Not sure how I will manage my time if I receive several experiences.

Only Saibaba has to help me.

Here are the first 2 devotees experiences

How Saibaba helped a Mother worried about her Son’s college admission?

Sai baba cured me after seeking his blessings in Shirdi

Please feel free to share your positive experiences with Sai.

My desire is to do video interviews of Sai devotees.If not now, as I get old, I wish to travel across India and document Sai leela happening in life of several devotees.

Anyway, So now, I have 2 platforms. is for my personal expression and is for collecting devotees experiences.

So what’s happening in my life.

Well, I started liking the new company where I am working. They have amazing products. I can’t deny that. Just that, I often see my previous company in dream.

Even yesterday, I saw one of this girl in dream. She’s not my friend and I have spoken to her very few times but in the dream, I see myself in the past company and she’s smiling to me. Meaning, I start to work there again and she comes across me. That’s it.

Today, we had a team dinner in a restaurant and I felt I have bunch of good friends in new company too. The CEO announced that he want’s to expand the company and they might move to a new location by end of the year.

I came home and told this to my Mom. She said, why don’t you suggest to find office space in previous company’s campus. I told her, why should I suggest on my own. If they ask for it, I shall say.

My Mom said that since you often say that you see your previous campus in dream, may be, it will come true if this company moves in to the place.

Well…Sounds like a good idea because its also closer to my home. I started to accept the new company now. Especially since they have good products. I see them having a good future in the industry.

I wonder why should Sai often show previous company and its people in dream. Isn’t it confusing? Well, that’s how Sai works. Sometimes, its hard to understand Saibaba.

Even now, I keep asking Sai why he showed this girl from previous company in dream in 2016. It’s almost going to be 3 years and I still don’t have any answer.

It hurts me deeply since I should never do a mistake in my life based on Sai dreams. I just want a clarification. What made Sai to show this girl in specific? I don’t even know her. What’s so good about her?

Anyway, I am sure Sai will answer me someday.

My parents are not well. They are just managing. So it makes sense if I work closer to them.

Lets see what Sai does

Om Sai Ram


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