Privacy policy

This is to clarify that all the emails sent to the mail ID in contact page or any other page in and other network of websites are kept confidential ( provided it’s sent to the right email ID). So kindly check before you mail me if the mail ID is right.

I am writing this privacy policy 10 years after launching StarSai because I receive mails from different people regarding their personal issues. Its important to let them know that they can trust me. But my humble request is “There’s no substitute to the prayers you do to Sai in mind”.

What ever issues you have, you can always show devotion on Sai or any God or Goddess you love. I don’t want to be a wall between Sai and his devotees. So focus on Sai directly. If you still wish to write me, you are most welcome to do so.

Reality about why I am not able to read or reply every email sent to me and its network of websites is created to spread good messages of humanity and also its an expression of my love for Shirdi Saibaba. My intention is to help people lead a good life irrespective of all the difficulties they face. Hence, my articles have issues related to problems in studies, relationship, career etc. Some Sai devotees mail me with keen interest in finding a solution for their problem. Honestly, I am also an ordinary Sai devotee and all I have is prayers. I might reply some mails but since I have other responsibilities in life, I hardly have time to check these hundreds of mails and reply everyone.

I do allot few minutes a day for StarSai but that’s spent in writing articles.

I also cannot always simply write articles. Sometimes, I do pooja, I spend my time going to the Saibaba temple and other temples in my hometown and also read holy books like Sai Satcharitra and Guru Charitra. So kindly do not be bothered if you don’t receive a reply from me. My parents are getting old and I also have to spend few minutes a day for them.

I want you to live strong internally. There are people suffering worse than you and they have lived a good life. So believe in this logic that you are here to do your duty and bear what ever happens in life. Just move on with life and focus on what you do. Keep leading a positive life.

Terms and Conditions

It might sound crazy to have a terms and conditions part in a site created to serve humanity but since its visited by various kinds of people, I must clarify few issues

  1. Please do not copy the content or images from StarSai and our social media pages to any other website or print media. I usually give a credit if I use any images in StarSai from other sites but mostly I avoid this especially since I know the hard-work of photographers and writers.
  2. Don’t expect reply for your mail. I know some of you are really going through various suffering but honestly, all I have is humble prayers to Shirdi Saibaba. I don’t even have time to read all mails these days. So kindly focus on Sai directly.
  3. You agree to take all the messages and articles positively and do not take key decisions in your life just by reading my articles alone. I just want to inspire and motivate people but important decisions must be taken based on one’s one personal interests. Kindly consult your parents, dear ones or good friends and use your own understanding of past experiences in life to take key decisions.
  4. You agree to keep your mind at peace no matter what you are going through. I have written several articles over the years along with request to read holy books, doing meditation, doing physical work, developing reading habit etc. The best way to be happy in life is divert your mind from current problem or desire to something else. Focus on something better than what you are doing now.
  5. You agree to live strong internally and lead a good life.
  6. You agree to love yourself because you are unique and Sai lives in the heart of good people.


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