Shirdi Saibaba recovers stolen property of Shri Vaman Chintaman Munge Vakil – Spanish

Sairam friends, Today my Father had given for Abishekam to Lord Dakshinamoorthy and I felt really blissful. Now am in hurry to go office. So quickly posting this Sai leela. This Sai leela is translated from Narasimha Swamiji’s Devotees experience in Spanish by my Sai friend Mercedes Garcia. The English version can be read scrolling … Read more

Baba da su darshan como ishtam (deidad) a Shri Sadashiv JOSHI – Sai Baba gives Darshan as your favorite Deity

Sairam friends, Many Sai devotees I have watched in temple used to think the prasad they got exactly from Samadhi Mandhir or any sacred place alone is very divine and is considered as given by Sai himself. In other temples also, We consider the prasad got directly from priest of main temple as very divine. … Read more