Baba recupera la propiedad perdida del medico Shri Mr.Tagare

Spanish story of Sai below the intro


I was working all the day in a project and in the evening went to Saibaba temple. I was coming around the dhuni for few hours. After that, I sat in Dwarakamai and was reading some articles in my mobile. For some reason, I don’t feel comfortable about writing my previous experience though few wrote me that they were able to relate themselves with the article. I might delete it if Sai hints me sometime later. Couple of years back, I wrote an article about Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett. Few weeks later, I had a dream in which Sai told me the negatives and positives of these people. Sai means to say, people will have flaws though they have achieved a lot in their life. Its not that Saibaba speaks to me. I simply get some dream and interpret what Sai is trying to convey.

I even deleted the experience I wrote about how I met my friend in Saibaba temple at Chennai. What ever I write belongs to Sai and I act based on his words.

I came home when my parents were taking with my Sister. We went online and saw sister’s daughter and spoke to her a lot. She showed me all her toys. Especially the 3 tortoise. The baby Tortoise name is Caira and a monkey named Magenta. She said Claira and Magenta are best friends. I enjoyed talking with her and showed her my Sisters doll which she used to play with when we were kids. She wants to come to India when she reaches high school and learn how to cook from my Ma. I wondered how kids have such desires?

They are planning to go Chicago this December and I requested her to write her experience during the tour and send us the note. I want her to be a good writer because I regret that my language skills isn’t good. So I encourage kids to read books and write with lots of imagination.

This Spanish translation of a book of Saibaba was contributed by my Sai friend – Mercedes Garcia. I even forgot that she took time to do this translation and wrote me but I never posted it for several month now. You can scroll down for the original English version.

Sai Leela No:6

Baba recupera la propiedad perdida del medico Shri Mr.Tagare

En 1914, cerca de Shirdi, en Sakarwadi Sugar Mill, el médico Shri M. R. Tagare se dirigía al correo de Kopergaom en carreta de bueyes para cobrar sus bonos de guerra de 2500 rupias. Mientras él estaba hablando afanosamente con un pasajero, la bolsa que contenía los bonos de guerra se deslizó hacia abajo del carro desapercibida por el médico.

Tan pronto como se dio cuenta de que la bolsa había caído en el camino, dejó el carro sin orden ni refugio por dos o tres kilómetros en busca de él, pero sin éxito.

La inquietud por causa de esta pérdida no le permitió dormir hasta cerca de la medianoche cuando pensó en sentarse cerca de la foto de Sai Baba que tenía en su casa, y orando, le pareció oír a alguien diciéndole “pará de preocuparte”. Esto le trajo paz a la mente y entonces pudo dormir. La mañana siguiente, tenía que asistir a un amigo enfermo en un pueblo cercano, así que fue allí, examinó a su amigo, le dio la medicina yle comentó acerca de la pérdida de la bolsa de con los bonos de guerra .

Una chica que estaba cerca escuchando con simpatía a la charla del doctor, corrió de inmediato y volvió con una bolsa. Dijo que fue encontrada tirada en el camino el día anterior. Al levantar la bolsa, el doctor vió que los documentos estabandesordenados pero estaban intactos. El médico estaba contento y con entusiasmo agradeció a Baba por su favor y la gracia.

Rendición completa a Shri Sai! El deleite supremo y la liberación están allí!

English version of the Sai Leela

6. Baba recovers lost property of Doctor Shri MR Tagare

In 1914, near Shirdi in Sakarwadi Sugar Mill, the doctor Shri MR Tagare came by  Kopergaon Mail (Train) and went by Bullock cart with a bag in which he had war bonds worth 2,500 rupees. While he was busily talking with a passenger, the bag containing war bonds slid down the car unnoticed by the doctor.

As soon as he realized the bag had fallen on the road, he stopped the cart and searched for two or three kilometers looking for the bag, but without success. Because of this loss, he was not able to to sleep until around midnight when he decided to sit near Sai Baba’s photo that was in his house, and prayed. He heard someone saying “Stop worrying.”

This brought peace to the mind and then he slept. The next morning, he had to attend to a sick friend in a nearby village. So he went there, met his friend and gave medicine. He also told his friend about the bag he lost and that it has war bonds in it which is very important for him.

A girl who was close listening sympathetically to the Doctor, ran away and returned with a bag. She said it was found lying on the road the day before. When lifting the bag, the doctor saw that the bag was damaged but documents were intact. The doctor was happy and enthusiastically thanked Baba for his favor and grace.

Bow to Shri Sai. Peace be to all.

I like this story because even if I loose a small thing, I get so much tensed. We must learn to be at peace and believe Sai will take care of us and what ever belongs to us.


OK friends.

Its 12.20 at night. I feel sleepy.

Om Sai Ram


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