What a Dog in Shirdi Saibaba temple taught me about life?

Sairam friends,

I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown last evening and bought 3 lamps from the shop as usual. A Dog was standing in the parking space and looked at me. Some of my friends at work keep speaking about the high class Dogs but I keep telling them that the best Dogs of all are the street Dogs..he he …

The Dog was wagging it tail. So I thought of getting him a biscuit. The shop Anna told me, “Don’t drop it near. If the Dog bites any devotee, they will blame, you only took care of it”.

So I went out of the temple, bought 2 packets of biscuit and called the Dog near the Gate. The Dog came near me and I thought its ready to eat.

Now. Let’s go on a Flash back.

Location – Saibaba temple, Coimbatore,India

Time – Evening Aarti just got over.

Characters – A good uncle, Auntyji, my friend and myself and yes a naughty street Dog. Doctor in guest appearance.

Feeding a Dog – Good Deed of a Sai devotee

It must be around 2010-11. The priest of the temple was really kind to a Dog which regularly comes around the area. He used to take care of it. Those days, I used to stand with my friends outside Saibaba temple got closed in the corner of bakery and chat for 30 minutes. Have you seen guys standing in corner of street and doing all unethical stuff on Earth. Our gang did nothing unethical as we were all doing some work in temple but we captured the corner spot of entrance to Sai Mandir. Gradually, Some got married and my parents also asked me to come to home soon. So I start to home as soon as its closed.

Now let’s get to the story.

Uncle had seen this Dog around the temple and wanted to give him bread. He bought a bread packet and came near the place we wash legs. The Dog was proudly and innocently sitting. Uncle came and dropped a bread. He din’t bother it and simply looked away. Uncle kept telling in Hindi to have the bread but Dog stared at him and never ate.

Uncle thought the Dog has not seen the bread, took his palm down the bread, grabbed it and was about the feed the Dog. Uncleji !!!!!!!

The Dog bite him too badly. Auntyji came running. His whole palm was bleeding. I saw the whole episode, called my friend and asked him to take uncle to a doctor in Saibaba colony. And the best part is here. Aunt asked Uncleji to come back after visiting Doctor while she will be waiting in Saibaba temple. She was tensed but she simply went inside to pray Saibaba.

After sometime, my friend came back and said the Doctor treated him and asked Uncleji to come regularly for few days to put injection.

So what’s the moral of the story here?

Venkat’s Pet tip No: 1 

If you drop something for a Dog, he/she may not bother it but he has SEEN IT. Mind you. Its his/her property the moment you dropped it down. The Dog is relaxing and going to have it as it wishes. Do not try to show the Dog where the food is. The Dog will think that you are grabbing his own food and bite you.

I only know one tip as I am follow Street Dogs and not high class Dogs like my friends.

Now. The Flash back is over.

Come back to 2015.

So I called this Dog near the Gate and opened the biscuit pack and dropped it one by one. The Dog was not bothering but he was looking at the biscuit packet expecting some better food. I told him “Saapdu….Eat”. Don’t you like biscuits..I only have this.”

The Dog never saw the biscuits dropped down and I could clearly see he wants some good food other than biscuit.

This is when the Dog taught me something about human behavior.

  1. We ask Gods/Saibaba to bless us with something good in life.
  2. Saibaba is as usual silent
  3. We get irritated and pray a lot.
  4. Saibaba finally blesses us with something good but not what we asked for.
  5. We don’t accept what Sai gave us but keep asking for what we desired.

Did you get me?

We all behave like this Dog not accepting what Sai gives us and keep expecting to get only what we desire.

Petromax lighte venum.

There are so many situations to match this

Girls write me asking, will the guy whom I loved come back to me. I tell them, life is beautiful. So focus on your studies and career. Sai will bless you with someone better. I will never get a reply because people in love want only what they want. Guys too have the same problem. If someone is avoiding you, move on.

Read this article – A Beautiful Mind

Several students get upset if they cannot get admission in the University they desire or if they can’t get Visa to study abroad. Many struggle to get a seat to go Post Grad after M.B.B.S. I tell them, You are already in a good position. Accept the opportunity you get and keep learning. Life will be great. My Sister studied in a very small College but she was dedicated to Science and made it big. Its not where you study but learning continuously matters.  In India, we need more Doctorates.

There are so many examples like this.

All I learned is from today, I will learn to accept what Saibaba blesses me with and won’t keep asking me to give me something better.

That’s not a promise though.

Sometimes, I want only what I want.

I am human Saibaba.

I am Yours and You are Mine.

Whom else will I ask?

Finally, the Dog did ate the biscuit’s I dropped after a while. Similarly, I might accept what you give me with no other go.

Time heals and Sai is there.

I am getting late to office now..

No time to post photo…

And yes. I am working every night until 1 or 2 for my super cool project. I believe Saibaba will guide me in it.





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  1. Many Baba’s devotees give only biscuits to dogs poor thing.Why is it so.It’s not its food.

    Edit – Yes because Biscuits are easy to get. If Dogs come near home, we can give Food – Venkat

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