Save electricity. “Switch it off” because hundreds have sacrificed for India’s energy need

Sairam friends,

I could have simply written about Temples, Pooja or about Sai in StarSai. I write such spiritual articles once in a while but basically that’s not what Saibaba expects from me. Sai expects me to spread good messages through StarSai.

There was this Business English class arranged in our organization. Initially, I did not like anyone forcing employees to learn. I heard some women faculties are not so good. Thankfully, the faculty who teaches our batch, Santhos makes me get interested in these classes. Once in a while, he tells everyone about the value of “Writing”.  I don’t think anyone understands what he meant when ever he speaks about “Writing”.

You must write. You must write every single day. It can change your life.

My writings will speak about the life I led even after 1000 years.

Very few teachers really know the value of what they are doing.  People assume that my communication is good but only I know how much I feel bad these days for not being well learned.

I can vounch and tell you my Sister’s little Daughter would have learnt more books than me. That’s the best thing about her. I am jealous of American kids as their schools naturally makes them read books beyond their school subjects. Katya started to love books at an early age and She even reads 2-3 pages for us when ever She’s on Skype.

When ever I see Kids in India playing with mobile phones or watching T.V, I get upset about it. Kids has to play. They must enjoy their childhood but they must also have natural tendency to learn. Our schools don’t impart such love for learning in most of the kids. Rather, they begin to perceive education as a burden.

Switch Off because thousands of ordinary Indian’s in Jharia village sacrificed their home for you

A week back, during the classes, they had switched on the projector. I requested if I can switch it off and the faculty let me do it. I got up the bench and switched it off. Today, again, I saw the projector was on and wasn’t used. I waited for a hour and can’t resist myself. So I asked him “Are you going to use the projector?” He said “Yes” and so I let it be on.

Since there was no remote, the projector seems to be “ON” forever.

I directly told him ‘I feel bad when electricity is wasted”. He just smiled to me.

Many of you don’t take it seriously because you assume energy comes through some electricity department working for you. Apart from hardwork of thousands of energy professionals, we also have ordinary people sacrificing their comforts and infact their home itself.

Take this as a message from Sai himself. When ever you are not using any resources, please “Switch off’ power. 

  1. Even if a light is switched on unnecessarily, it adds to the global warming.
  2. Energy is valuable. The energy you waste could be used by someone for better purpose.

If time permits, watch this documentary

India: The Burning City – People & Power

Right now much of India’s energy needs – up to two thirds of all electricity generated – are being met by domestically produced coal, of which India has abundant reserves. A significant proportion of that production comes from the Jharia mines in Jharkhand state in the east of the country, which are also India’s primary source  of coking coal, an essential ingredient in steel production.

But the Jharia coalfields, which cover some 270sq km around the city bearing the same name, also pose a dreadful environmental and health challenge for hundreds of thousands of local inhabitants.

Here’s an article from YourStory.

Burning for over 100 years, Jharkhand’s underground fire affects 5 lakh people

That’s it friends.

The other day, when I was walking in Saibaba colony, I wondered why some of the houses don’t have lights on. It’s not safe to keep the house dark. You must use electricity wisely. When ever you feel, you can save little energy, please make use of the opportunity. Think about the innocent village people who have sacrificed their life, their land and their house for all of us to enjoy using electricity.

Offered garland in Saibaba temple for Ram Navami

Anyway, I edited previous article and removed few information because its about a girl I don’t know much about. So I better keep it short.Today, I claimed up the terrace in Saibaba temple to offer garland to Saibaba. I usally claimb up this small front portion above which there are 5 Kalasam.

One must be careful when they are on top. From 2009, Sai blessed me with opportunity to do this work every Wednesday. Now a days, someone else is offering on Wednesday. Since tommorow is Ram Navami, I went on top to offer.

I am not sure about the voltage running to power these serial lights. I tried to keep it away holding it in my palm. I felt shock for a second but thankfully, it wasn’t powerful.

I told Baba

“Enna pottu tharaadha Sai. My Parents need me”

I never got such shock and it was always safe. Today, when I got slight shock, I decided to write article about electricity. Anyway, I will request the securities to make sure these serial lights are off when anyone else claimbs up to offer garland to Sai and Kalasam on terrace of temple.

I enjoyed offering Kumkum to each Kalasam and Sai statues. Then, I offered these garland chanting Sai’s holy name and Datta Stavam.

So what’s the moral of this article?

Do little you can to save electricity. Shutdown your computer when its not in use for more than few hours. Never think someone else is paying for this electricity. Everyone has money. Not all can create energy.

Someone in Jharia or many other such villages have sacrificed their fertile land and happy home to give you this energy.

Sai blessings

Om Sai Ram


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