Planting a tree is a blessing

Sairam friends,

The dreams Saibaba blesses me with are strange. The past few days, I am wondering why I lead such a strange life too. I do everything based on Sai’s guidance in dreams. In the sense, if Sai has instructed something in dream, I follow that with heart and soul.

Sometimes, Sai shows dreams about my life. Sometimes, he shows dreams about the environment, the Nation I live in and some dreams are for welfare of devotees.

Four days back, I had a dream in which I saw myself keeping a whole tree inside a hole to let it grow. Meaning, I see a Tree being cut and hence I plant the tree once again in a different place. I feel truly blessed when I do it.

Anyway, its just a dream.

Few years back, I had a blog called Garden Ideas because I believe the more plants we grow, the better it is for Mother Earth.

The dream I had this time for different. Because Sai made me realize planting a small crop, flower plant etc is fine. But the real blessing is when you plant a tree and take care of it.

Planting a Tree isn’t an easy task. You should look for a good place. You should have a place that belongs to you or a place where trees can be planted. You should also take effort during initial stages.

The funny thing about few Non-Profit organizations is that, they gather volunteers to plant several tree saplings. But I have myself seen most of these saplings won’t be taken care.

Secondly, you will be planting trees in a land which belongs to the public. This isn’t always good as you should practice on the land which belongs to you. Not all will have such land for themselves. So its better to understand if the public place being choose to plant trees doesn’t have objection from others and do it.

My advice is simple – If you have a place which belongs to you, plant a good tree at a comfortable distance from your home so that the roots doesn’t reach the home but also benefits you.

You might find this article strange. To be honest, there are so many different dreams which Saibaba blesses me with. I am assuming that this is the meaning and writing to you. May be, Sai’s intention was to convey something else.

I can only try my best to understand what Sai Baba is trying to help me learn.

Last night, I went to Saibaba temple and spent some time there. I meditated only for 10-15 minutes. Then, I was walking around.

I am getting late for work now.



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