A country so populated that people are not treated with humanity

Sairam friends,

Saibaba blesses me with dream even about the situation in the state or the country. I can’t reveal such dreams though. As had told you often, I am seriously worried about the current governance in the country and the state where I live – Tamilnadu. It hurts me deeply the state of Tamilnadu lacks a good leader.

Dog was happy when it was alone!

For the past few month, I have been feeding biscuits to one of this Dog in the campus I work. I especially like this Dog whom I named Snowy. He has a peculiar way of expressing his need which impressed me. As time passed on, there came another Dog. The other Dog had 4 puppies. So now there are 6 Dogs ruling the area.

The other day, I heard barking noise and went out to see. All these 6 Dogs including the small ones were driving away a new Dog in their area. Little did they know that they are also going to be driven away if they can’t stay calm.

Yesterday, I fed snowy and all the other Dogs thrice but that wasn’t enough for them.

I always worry that Snowy won’t be allowed to stay inside the campus for long because none can tolerate 6 Dogs inside campus. Even the securities would have kept them inside because they have pity on these Dogs.

Saibaba’s dream

Last night, I saw these Dogs and my Snowy at night when I started home. It continued to come behind my car and hence I stopped for  a while so that it would go back. I had the following dream…

It was like some people are arranging Dog show near my home and disturbing the neighborhood. Then, I see couple of Dogs inside our house. I call Snowy not to roam outside the compound wall and come inside the home. It did came but when I closed the gate, it jumped out of the wall to go back to street. Later, I send all the other Dogs outside to be free in the street.

There’s are couple of reasons Sai shows such dream which I can’t say now. It takes long to explain.

The other reason is this –

Sai made me understand even if I kept Snowy in my own home, it still loves to roam in the street. So when suddenly the Dog disappears from the campus, I must not worry if it would be alright. Snowy can manage where ever he roams.

A country so populated that people are not treated with humanity

When Snowy was alone, it was happy. It had all the biscuits I got for him. Now, there’s a small argument when ever I feel biscuits as there are 6 Dogs. When ever I see this, I remember if over population is the reason why our politicians are treating us like Dogs? There’s so much done against innocent people, their environment and projects that hurts their basic livelihood. Is anyone listening to ordinary Indians? We are treated without humanity probably because there are so many of us and not all of us are united.

Since I am planning to go to the U.S in August, I kept looking at my Sister’s city on Google map as I want to know where I can walk and what I can do.

I found the river flowing just 2 Kms from my Sister’s home and asked one of this friend if I can walk when its winter? He told me, its not easy to walk more than 10 minutes during snow fall and rain.

I asked him “How come, U.S became economically so powerful?”

He told me “Our politicians are corrupted and we are over populated. U.S is thrice as big as India and population is 3 times less”.

Though I know this previously, I always wonder the secret behind one Nation being so powerful and many other countries continue to struggle for years.

Wish India has better leaders.

Wish my State has leaders who respect ordinary people.

Sai blessings


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