Climate Change is real. Leave a better Earth for your children

Sairam friends,

It was 2008. I was sleeping in my rented flat somewhere in Mumbai. I usually wake up little late on Sunday’s. I was too tired and continued to sleep. Sai blessed me with a vision.

I hate to use this word “Vision” as the most mis-used word in modern spirituality. All the false saints you trust are looting your life by using this word. So be careful when anyone speaks about their vision. It could be a made-up story too. Yes. You don’t have to believe the vision I had too. That’s why I am not sharing you the actual vision I had.

There’s a difference between dream and vision.

Dream happens when you are in sound sleep or half-sleep.

Vision is a call from almighty. It’s like a divine energy calling you to convey a message. 

Once the message is conveyed, its up to you to react to it. You can also let go of it and mind your life.

I must be around 6.30-7 A.M when I had this vision in 2008. I could see Sai taking me under the Sea holding my palm.

What Sai did under the Sea is something I can’t reveal because its too personal. Let it remain a secret because who’s going to believe me?

Climate Change Talk

Fast farward to 2013. I had an exclusive website for Climate Change and Global warming which I maintained for over 8 years. Recently, I dropped it as I did not had time to write content.

Here’s the article I wrote in 2013.

Its unbelievable but true. This morning I had a dream from Saint Shirdi Saibaba as below. I listen to name of a baby and her father and see a huge House some where in a very greenish area. I hear the words

“Abandoned houses due to Climate Change”.

I thought Sai wanted me to write few words in Climate change talk site.

I woke up and searched for articles where people have been forced to Abandon their houses due to Climate Change.

Shishmaref, Alaska

Shishmaref (SHISH-muh-reff) and village in the Nome Census Area, Alaska, United States. It is located on Sarichef Island in the Chukchi Sea, just north of the Bering Strait and five miles from the mainland. Shishmaref lies within the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. The population was 563 at the 2010 census

Global warming

The effect of global climate change upon Shishmaref is sometimes seen as the most dramatic in the world. Rising temperatures have resulted in a reduction in the sea ice which serves to buffer Shishmaref from storm surges. At the same time, the permafrost that the village is built on has also begun to melt, making the shore even more vulnerable to erosion. In recent years the shore has been receding at an average rate of up to 10 feet (3.3 m) per year.

Although a series of barricades has been put up to protect the village, the shore has continued to erode at an alarming rate. The town’s homes, water system and infrastructure are being undermined

Currently, Shishmaref has obtained funds to construct seawalls that protect some of the shoreline.

The village plans to relocate several miles to the south, on the mainland to the Tin Creek site. The Shishmaref Erosion and Relocation Coalition, made up of the city, the IRA Council and other organizations, is seeking federal, state and private funding for the move. However the cost of moving Shishmaref is estimated at $180 million

Erosion rates along the island front exceed (and are not comparable with) those along adjacent sectors. Erosion is occurring along the entire island chain, but it is exacerbated at Sarichef Island in part because of the hydrographic impacts of hard armoring of a sandy shoreface and permafrost degradation that is accelerated by infrastructure. Residents are experiencing the effects of coastal retreat on residential and commercial properties.

The town’s homes, water system and infrastructure in Shishmaref are being destroyed by a rising tide, to the point where homes are being abandoned as they literally fall into the ocean. Residents can do nothing to stop the water as it approaches their homes.

Climate chante house
Shishmaref is facing evacuation due to rising temperatures which are melting and destroying the protective barrier of sea ice that keeps sea surges away from the island. The runway of the international airport, visible in the middle of this photograph, is now abandoned due to the encroaching waterline.

Photo courtesy of Grida

Our responsibility:

Saints really care for our welfare and for our Mother Earth too. We have to be more responsible, Plant more Trees and have to cultivate habit of leading a life where our carbon foot prints are less.

I don’t know what way I am contributing by am learning something and it makes me feel human. I care for the people in Alaska and many other people in future who might have to shift their entire village abandoning their sweet homes.

I wish experts take time to comment on this issue so that we all learn better.

That’s the end of the article I wrote 5 years ago.

Yesturday, I watched a documentary about a Island situated in Pacific Ocean – Kiribati

Sea level in Kiribati is fastly raising due to climate change to the extent that some houses are already surrounded by water.

Look at the below photo

A house being surrounded by Sea level. They have constructed a wall using corals. Photo courtesy of DW

The featured photo of this article – Kids playing near  a drowned house is used courtesy of Aljazeera

So do all you can not to waste energy. Do not add trash to this Earth what ever trash it could be. Do little you can to protect this beautiful planet – Mother Earth.

You must leave a better Earth for your Children.

Apart from watching this documentary, I also read few scriptures last night until 2 A.M

It was little upset when it was written that

“A girl must not walk quickly,unnecessarily”.

This girl at times, walks fast for which I named her “Tak Tak”.

I am not sure on what basis some of our scriptures are written? But basically, I was upset.

I have seen hundreds of people walk to catch a train in Mumbai. How about situation when you have to catch a flight when you are already late to Airport. Probably, such words in some sacred books cannot be generalized.

When ever I ask something to Sai related to this girl or worry a bit about her, the very same night, I get a dream related to her.

This morning, before I woke up, I had a dream like this.

I saw this girl and running away from her thinking “Oh my God” this girl is coming”.

It was as if Sai telling everyone has their own way of carrying themselves. Some walk with patience and some walk quickly based on their mood and need to get back to work. Scriptures basically have lots of rules and we can’t follow everything. Secondly, in the dream, I also walk fast and run away. So its OK when anyone walks fast as long as they don’t fall down..he he.

Coming back to the theme of our article,

Climate Change is real – Do all you can as this planet needs your favour.

Om Sai Ram


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