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Sai Baba gives you experiences to gradually make you give up your desire

Sairam friends,

I was little held up the past 2 days. I went for a very long walk this morning. I was thinking how people who have opportunities to serve and create an impact in life of ordinary Indian’s are not using it properly. When you hold a position to do good to others, it just means God has kept you in a place believing you will do good to people who come to you or depend on you. Instead, if you misuse your power and authority, you are only adding up your sin.

Years back, I never worry so much about the situation of the state I belong to – Tamilnadu. Now, I wish Sai does something about it. I don’t see jobs being created as much as we produce graduates. Probably, I am not able to see the positive side of the situation too.

India as a whole needs better leaders. It hurts me that I don’t see any leaders who works hard for the common good of the people.

These thoughts beyong my own life has made me not to worry much when my personal desires are not answered by Sai.

What I am today is a product of the experiences Saibaba made me go through.

The other day, one of my friend asked me this..

“If you worship Sai so much, then, why is your life like this?”

People assume that Saibaba is supposed to bring happiness, prosperity and fulfill all our desires.

The greatest achievement of this Shirdi Saibaba is that he makes you believe your desire will be fulfilled by him. Gradually, you will realize all he was doing is make you give up all your desires.

Atleast, for the past 2-3 weeks, I keep telling this to Sai when I lay down at night

‘Sai..I am happy for all you have done to me”

and I imagine that I lay down on his lap and we are in 1908 in his Dwarakami.

I imagine the old Shirdi village. I can see lots of Tulsi plants surrounding Dwarakamai.

I can feel that Sai and myself are going on a walk to Datta Par Mandir near the banks of Godavari river.

I am happy as it is.

Irrespective of what I lost in my life, Sai has saved me hundred times from worst that was about to happen.

So if my desires are not fulfilled, it just means, Sai wants me to give up my desire.

A lot has changed in me.

The way I perceive girls has changed.

The way I perceive money and wealth has changed.

After a point in life, you start to feel what you have now is more than enough.

If there’s something I can ask to Sai, its this.

I wish to do little good deeds once in a while and Sai must bless me with such opportunities.

Life is all about what we do for others and not ourselves.

Hope Sai shows me a way…

Om Sai Ram


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