Saibaba keeps an eye on us in this unpredictable life

Sairam friends,

I had some work at office and came home directly without going to Saibaba temple last night. My parents and myself were having some argument but then, we were just speaking. It was all normal. I thought its just another day after long time we were having argument about the topic which always leads to such misunderstanding between me and my parents.

I was telling something to my Mom while she had a tablet. She can’t accept what ever I say and wants to continuously argue. She tried to say something when the tablet got struck in her Throat.  I did not even understand what happened to her. Suddenly, she started coughing and woke up from her bed.

I went near her while she continued to cough and was struggling to breath. She said that the tablet got struck in her throat. She could not do anything and continued to have struggle taking breath. I told her not to panic and take a breath. I never saw my Mom getting scared but she was telling that she’s scared and can’t breath.

At a point, I thought its going to get very bad for all of us and told her not to be scared. I gave Udi in her mouth but she was coughing like anything. My Father came and beat her back so that the tablet will come out. We can’t beat my Mom hardly too as she gets pain. Suddenly, she spit the tablet out and then also she said something got struck in her throat.

I told her “It has come out and she’s only fearing”.

After few minutes, my Mom and Me were speaking that life is so unpredictable and we did not even realize that a little tablet can cause breathing problem. My Mom was saying, If I …………..who will give food to you and take care of you. She was laughing saying that she got so much scared.

I also laughed and told her “If something happened to you, Indra will ask what did you and Appa did when such a thing happened to Amma and we won’t be able to answer her.”

Even now I wonder, why Amma got so scared when I kept telling her she will be fine. She told me now a days, she’s getting tensed a lot for little things.

We were speaking that if time is not good, even a little tablet can cause a problem and here after she must be careful.

The reason I wrote this article is because I did not deeply thank Saibaba last night. I was really pained why Saibaba cannot help me and make my parents happy. While this was happening in my home, My sister has paid hosting fee for StarSai sites for next year. I kept asking my sister if she can’t spend some more to upgrade the website and she happily agreed.

For many days, I was planning a website where Sai devotees can send good messages and greeting cards. I bought this script again and installing it all night. I cried to Saibaba while looking at my monitor.  It was 2 o clock when I slept.

I woke up in the morning and now the new site is almost ready friends.

I will come home from work and very soon you will have a beautiful greeting card site.

I just wanted to say that I am really sorry to Sai as I did not thank him much. I wanted to launch the new site as a token of my love for Shirdi Saibaba.

Saibaba keeps an eye on us in this unpredictable life

Sai, Bless my Amma, Appa, My Sister, BIL and Katya !

I am sorry for not thanking you enough and very soon I will show the world how Thankful I am to you for always having an eye on us.

Keep remembering Saibaba and Sai will work when you did not even seek his help.


5 thoughts on “Saibaba keeps an eye on us in this unpredictable life”

  1. Om Sairam Friends,
    Another beautiful leela by our beloved Shri Sai .
    I am a little sparrow Sai had pulled just a couple of month back.
    And By Sai’s Grace , I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and wanted to do a first Saptah.
    I missed the auspicious start day of thursday and was a bit upset. Then somehow Sai made me start it
    last friday 10thOct2014. By his Grace I completed it today. What is the leela in this ?
    Yes here goes his leela… Yesterday was the 6th day and the day completes with chapter number 42.
    Yesterday for some reason, I was not able to start the Parayan until late . The time I was reading chapter number 42 was around 2 pm in the after noon.
    Today after waking up suddenly Shri Sai gave me a spark…
    Chapter 42 (English Sai Satcharitra book) was “Baba’s Passing Away” .
    Yesterday was 15th Oct and I was blessed to read this chapter @2:00 pm in the after noon.
    I immediately cameback and skimeed through the pages of the book chapter 42 and started crying.
    Though the auspicious start day for the Parayan was missed
    I felt so blessed , Baba had better plans.

    Om Sairam


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