I am tested

Sairam friends,

I had some work at office. So reached home only at 10 at night.Then, I thought of launching the new greeting card site. Everything was ready but I realized my hosting account was not as it was before several years. It frequently shows error though my sister payed more and upgraded my account. We cannot spend more than this.

I am thankful to my Sister for at least helping me keep StarSai safe.

I woke up until 1 and tested the site. It works well but I need a dedicated server to launch such sites. Anyway, Things did not work out as I desired. So I deleted the script and dropped the project. It really hurts me I also spent some money to purchase the script last night and its all gone waste. I must have thought before spending money. Its 3 A.M now. I am not able to sleep as what ever I plan is not happening.

Anyway, Saibaba has once said to a devotee “I will take away the wealth of the one whom I love most”.

Its OK.  Saibaba alone knows why it all happened and I take this as an experience.

My Eye and right shoulder is really paining now.

I shall try to get some other ideas and see how Saibaba guides me.

May be, I will create an eCommerce site with it and make money..he he…I must be the first one to plan this several years back but now every other site sells Sai related stuff and I never felt like doing it. I will do it if Sai approves. Secondly, I always believe Sai has better plans for me. I just don’t know what’s that.

I must tell this to you friends. Sai makes sure only good people and money earned by doing our work sincerely stays with us.  Saints are very different in nature. Its really hard for us to understand the divinity of Sai.

My eyes are closing now. Its going to be 3.30 AM.

I am tested or I am going through this pain of inability to do what ever I desire due to my previous bad karma.

Eyes are closing

Sai blessings


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  1. Baba Helps us in every step of life ,even without asking,we may not realise them immediately,but ,definitely we will get fruits for the things we did unexpectedly,under the guidance of SAI BABA

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