Saw myself outside a Shirdi Saibaba temple in dream

Sairam friends,

I went to Nagasai Mandir yesterday and after many years, I went into the main hall though it was Thursday. Then, I reached home. At night, My Mom had breathing problem. She had medicine and I was chanting Saibaba’s holy name sitting near her. Then, I slept at 1 0 clock. I saw a dream as if I was preparing to go to a Shirdi Saibaba temple. I have never seen this temple in dream before.

I am also standing in the mud road. Saibaba has a wooden reaper and a belt with him. He blocks my path nailing the wooden reaper on the pathway saying “Obstacle” ..Not sure what I hear …Its like Saibaba is not letting me outside the temple area.

I woke up to hear my Mom still not feeling better.

I don’t feel like going to work today. I shall go by second half. hosting is really having lots of problem due to some issues. Please give me sometime to fix things. If nothing works, then, I might have to spend and go for better server. Let’s see.

Keep chanting Sai, Sai, Sai..


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