Sai, bless my Sister

Sairam friends,

Life isn’t all that easy just because one is living in developed countries like America. There are some basic comforts here in the U.S compared to India but everyone has different problems to face. Couple of days back,my Sister took me to the Women’s clinic where she had to go through some tests. I was roaming around in the parking space looking at the day breaking in. It was a sunny day and I felt so good.

My Sister seems to have some health issues and it makes me sad. She’s obsolutely fine now but I am just concerned about how she’s going to manage in the years to come. She really works hard for her research and also takes care of her Daughter. Sai should bless my Sister with good health and a long life.

Last weekend, we went to Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls where I saw the Tipi in which ancient Native Indians in America lived. Kats and her friend Alvera sat inside it. Kats actually laid down inside the Tipi kept in the Museum which you can see in the photo below.

Tipi is the house of Native Indians in America


A photograph of Native Indians near Tipi

I walked behind the Court house Museum to see this statue of 2 kids playing with each other. Though they are friends, I see this as my Sister and myself.

The statue I really admired

Years has passed on and my Sister has built her life in a country far from India. She’s happy. But I know she’s managing everything by herself. She must be healthy – physically and mentally to do all that she desires to do in her life.

I could feel her love for me when She speaks to me, takes me to shops and gets me stuff though I don’t ask for anything. Other stores like Wal-Mart, Hyvee was OK but when she took us to Costco,I was really scared. Fine. Its wholesale shop but should a shop be so huge?

She said some families are so big here with 2-3 children and hence they buy whole sale in such shops. Over all, I was both scared and felt funny looking at these huge shops in America. I mean, what do people buy and why are there so many brands? Do they all have market?

Anyway, Look at how American land was before Britishers and Europeans landed here, waged a war with native Indians and created a Country. Its a good country though. I like United States for its friendly acceptance. People from all parts of the world come here, study here, earn a job and settle in this Nation. Everyone who comes here are allowed to dream big. The American dream is still alive and you certainly can build a life here if you are dedicated.

Today, Kats was bored of all other games. So She did something which I am not supposed to tell my Sister. My Sissy gave me a room when I came here. Today, Kats said

“Don’t tell Momma that I built a fort”.

She bought several blankets, used the bags which I carried from India and some pillows in the room to build a Tipi for herself. She called herself as a leader of Native Indians in ancient America and went inside it. I am supposed to trade Cashews and peanuts to her from France. This is the game!

Look at my Shirt being used to build Tipi. She peeped outside making faces. She likes such pranks.

She knows very little Tamil. One of the word She learnt is

“Adi Podu”

She would beat me and keep saying ‘Adi Podu”

She says Ponga…Vanga…Thoonga ( Instead of Thoongu- Sleep”

We just played for an hour. When the calling bell ran, she was little scared thinking my Sister had come and might shout at her for building this fort with blankets. he he…So within few minutes, the fort was cleaned up and the room was handed over to me.

Her school begins on August 23rd. My Sister and BIL often asks me if I wish to visit other cities on my own. I really wanted it to be a business meeting. Else, I would remain in Sioux Falls itself. For past one week, I was trying to photograph a Bunny running around my Sister’s home. Kats would shout “Bunny” when she spots one. Finally, captured it just before it rained.

Sometimes, I stand in the corner of the road close to my Sister’s home and look at the cars passing by. I sit outside her home in the porch and think deeply. Sometimes, I chant remembering NagaSai mandir praying for my Sister’s welfare.

My Sister often asks if I am bored? Well. I am OK here.

I came here to see her and her family. I din’t came here to see places.

I came here because the love and affection we both shared as siblings has to be alive forever.

When my Sister introduces me to anyone, she would say ‘I have only one Brother and this is him”

May be because some American families have 2-3 siblings or probably, its the way she expresses her love for me. That I am the only one for her as a brother.

Today, I was thinking that I should visit my Sister atleast once every 2 years. I must be there for her when she needs most. Having said that, I also prayed Sai that when ever I visit U.S, it must be for good reason and happy visit because I know Sai will protect my Sister and her family.

Its good that I am not married. I doubt if anyone would marry me at all after all these years. Even if I do get married, I wish the girl I marry understands that I love my Sister irrespective of how busy she is with her work and life.

The featured photo is taken in Old Court house Museum built in 1890. Kats and her friend looking at the Kids statue behind the court house.

Hope all of you are doing good.

Sai blessings,


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