I like being alone these days

Sairam friends,

I am remembering my Sister too often. I have never been like this all my life. I never had habit of messaging my Sister but after I visited her, I send atleast few words to her everyday. I wish to visit my Sister again and be there for few days. I should prepare myself to move to the U.S few years from now. I wish to be there for my Sister all my life.

May be, I am thinking about my Sister since I find she’s not taking care of her health and always roaming around and doing her work. I also find her always discussing about her research work. So I told her that she needs some peace of mind.

In my office, I am preparing myself for what I plan to do. I would enjoy striving for business in the U.S market but irrespective of me conveying this, I din’t got a goahead to do it. Secondly, its not an easy responsibility. So its better that I don’t repeatedly ask for it.

This morning, Sai blessed me with couple of dreams. In one dream, I see the travel bag which I took to the U.S has lots of Ants in it and I am cleaning it. In the second dream, I see one of my friend has kept a huge hoarding for another friend of ours as he’s going to the U.S on 12th of a month. The hoarding is in orange color. It was funny. Couple of month back when we go outside to have lunch, I enjoy both of them arguing with each other and pulling each others legs.

This is an important dream to me because I wish that many guys in my workplace should travel to the U.S and experience it when they are young.

Based on the dreams Sai blesses me with both when I was in the U.S and these days, I know in the next few month, he wants me to travel. If I don’t travel, I will be near my parents. So both ways, I am happy.

Yesturday, I went out all alone for lunch. Later, in the evening too, I walked out to have some stuff in a shop where none would be there..he he..So I like it there. Its not that I don’t want anyone to join me but all of them are too busy and hence I don’t bother them.

When I go to Saibaba temple, by Sai grace, I get a good parking space these days. So I go inside temple, worship Sai and sit inside car as I like to be alone. I don’t know why I am doing this though. One reason could be this.

In Sioux falls, there’s a park near my Sister’s home. I walk to the park every evening at 6.30-7 when the Sun would be still bright and sit there for few minutes. Ofcourse, some parents, kids and youngters might be there playing around in the park. But they will be too far from me and I feel good sitting alone there in a bench or on the cement pathway.

I told my Sister that in India, there are no lonely place at all. Everywhere, its crowded. That’s why I go to temple and sit inside car as I find it peaceful.

How long can you sit in Car? Its not that comfortable too.

Anyway, I am thinking a lot these days because I have problems at work. I am worried about my life. I am remembering my Sister, BIL and niece often.

I never use the words, I miss my Sister because She’s always near me no matter how far she lives and her words of affection keeps lingering in my heart.

My Sister shouts at us also but that’s her way.

Sometimes, its better to be alone than being with others and bothering them also.

Sai also had this habit of sitting alone in Dwarakamai for hours together. May be, he was worried about some of his devotees and trying to help them.

I am getting late now guys.

The featured photo is a 3-4 days before we left the U.S. Its my Sister’s long time plan to buy a swing and kept it in the backyard. Surprisingly, my Father also had same plan. We found it outside a shop, dismantled it and kept it safe in my Sisters Car to take home. My Father fixed it in backyard. I requested my Sister to sit there few minutes and relax looking at the beautiful trees and sky outside her house. I wonder if she’s doing it though.

My Father was pushing the swing saying “I am happy to push swing with my Daughter and her Daughter”

Try to be alone when you don’t like what’s happening around.

I am trying it these days



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