How Shirdi Saibaba warns devotees about evil ahead and saves them?

Sairam friends,

No dreams today. If I don’t have any dreams, I ask Saibaba, what happened? Why you are not showing any thing?…he he..I feel so blank now and may be this could be a test as Sai might be thinking if I will write without getting any ideas from dream.

Yesterday, I was reading and speaking to friends about an issue which I don’t want to write about in StarSai. I basically understood that parents must guide their children in right path and even if they do any mistakes they must handle it softly. I went to Saibaba temple at night by which time my chest was paining so much as I kept thinking that there’s so much hatred and cruelty happening around us and I wish to create a place which makes people think and do good.

Externally, I show as if I am really happy but deep in me, I keep telling baba that I have a responsibility to create a better StarSai. The reason I express even my personal life in StarSai is because many devotees who go through similar issues will be able to relate it and it will help them have more faith and devotion on Sai.

I came home, had my dinner and really felt painful. I diverted my mind and wanted to write a good article but there was power cut.

So I slept off. I woke up twice and wondered why Baba is not blessing me with any dream.  Sai honestly is not a Saint who will spoon feed us. You see, when Sai knows I am thinking and doing what he wants me to do, he doesn’t have the need to guide me.

Probably,  the pain I had in my heart that I wanted to do something “Good” is an expression of his worry. Sai too is worried about devotees complicating their life with various problem and seeking his help when the solution to be happy is in their own hands.

I wish to remind Sai Children the ways how Sai used to warn devotees about the problems and evil ahead of them and how he helped them to get rid of it.

Here’s a beautiful incident during Sai’s life time in Shirdi.

How Shirdi Saibaba warns devotees about evil and saves them?

Shirdi Saibaba saves Balasaheb Mirikar

Balasaheb Mirikar, son of Sirdar Kakasaheb Mirikar was Mamlatdar of Kopergaon. He was going on tour to Chitali. On the way he came to Shirdi to see Sai Baba. When he went to the Masjid and prostrated himself before Baba, usual conversation regarding health and other matters commenced, when Baba sounded a note of warning as follows:

“Do you know our Dwarakamayi?”

As Balasaheb did not understand he kept quiet, Baba continued –

“This is our Dwarakamayi, where you are sitting. She wards off all dangers and anxieties of the children, who sit on her lap.

This Masjidmayi (its presiding Deity) is very merciful, she is the mother of the simple devotees, whom she will save in calamities. Once a person sits on her lap, all his troubles are over. He, who rests in her shade, gets Bliss”.

Then Baba gave him Udi, and placed His protecting hand on his head. When Balasaheb was about to depart, He again said- “Do you know the “Lamba Bava” (long gentleman), Viz. serpent?” And then closing the left arm like fist He brought it near the right elbow, and moving His left arm like the hood of a serpent, He said-

“He is so terrible, but what can he do to the children of Dwarakamayi: When the Dwarakamayi (its presiding deity) protects, what can the serpent do?”

All who were present there, were curious to know the meaning of all this and its reference to Mirikar, but none had the courage to ask Baba about this. Then Balasaheb saluted Baba and left the Masjid with Shama. Baba called Shama back and asked him to accompany Balasaheb, and enjoy the Chitali trip. Shama came to Balasaheb, and told him that he would go with him according to Baba’s wish. Balasaheb replied that he need not come as it would be inconvenient. Sharma returned to Baba and told Him what Balasaheb said to him. Baba said, “Alright, do not go. We should mean well and do well. Whatever is destined to happen, will happen”.

Sai Saves his devotee from Snake bite

In the meanwhile Balasaheb thought over again, and calling Shama asked him to accompany him. Then Shama going again to Baba and taking His leave started with Balasaheb in the tanga. They reached Chitali at 9 P.M. and encamped in the Maruti temple. The office-people had not come; so they sat quiet in the temple, talking and chitchating. Balasaheb was sitting on a mat reading a newspaper.

His Uparani (upper dhotar) was spread across his waist and on a part of it a snake was sitting unobserved. It began to move with a rustling sound which was heard by the peon. He brought a lantern, saw the snake and raised an alarm- ‘serpent, serpent’. Balasaheb was frightened and began to quiver. Shama was also amazed. Then he and others moved noiselessly and took sticks and clubs in their hands.

The snake got down slowly from the waist and it moved away from Balasaheb; it was immediately done to death. Thus this calamity, which was prophesied by Baba, was averted and Balasaheb’s love for Baba was deeply confirmed.

I simply presented this Sai Leela in Chapter 22 of Sai Satcharitra

I believe Sai will inspire me to do something really Good that makes devotees live in peace. I can’t go and change others life but I can inspire and motivate them with my words to help them work on their mind and life.

This Sai leela is one of my favorite especially because it shows Sai warns his devotees very subtly. Sai never tells anything directly. He uses stories or parables or small hints to show them whats good for them. If we give up desires and with pure mind, understand Sai is doing it as he cares for us, certainly our life will be good.

OK friends.

Am really late for work Now



2 thoughts on “How Shirdi Saibaba warns devotees about evil ahead and saves them?”

  1. It reminds about the twenty four gurus of Lord is baba s teaching to various householders.baba s blessings.shri sainathayanamaha.

  2. Baba,

    SAIRAM, You are almighty.

    You know my past births, Present and my future.You know my sins and good deeds.

    Deva, i surrender @ ur holy feet, all my deeds.

    SAIRAM, as a human being, i too have emotions and responsibilities to be executed in my life. Like a roller coaster , i swing between the emotional swings.

    Deva, I have achieved in my career and studies by your grace. I’m achieving, by your grace. Ill achieve in future too. All credits is bestowed to you sairam.

    Deva, give me serenity and consistency in my devotion.

    Deva, Shower ur grace for my marriage life. Bless me with a understanding and loyal Partner.

    Am Crying soulfully, for a good start towards my Second Phase of life. Deva, as my mother, father, brother, holyfather, Almighty, i sincere ask your grace.

    Nothing is impossible with you SAIDEVA.

    1. SAIRAM — Your words / 11 sayings.

    2. SAIRAM — your holy Sanctum / Samadhi in shirdi

    3. SAIRAM —- Your holy spirit/soul

    4. SAIRAM — Your auspicious name.

    5. SAIRAM — Your Grace.

    What more, do i need? DEVA, SAIRAM, SAIDEVA, please bless me with a good partner.

    OM SAI.

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