Being too playful that we don’t respect the value of life

Sairam friends,

I went with my friend as one of his friend wanted to get some invitation cards for house warming ceremony. I liked the wedding card shop. Not much impressive designs. What I liked is the way they presented it in various rooms and I like to observe anything related to design and printing.

I could not get medicines for my Mom and have to go to clinic today evening to get it. I also din’t go to Saibaba temple and came home. I slept off remembering Sai and had a very strange dream.

Being too playful that we don’t respect the value of life

In the dream, there was a guy who seem to be like a mad fellow. He is mentally ill and behaving rude to other 4-5 guys around. He is hitting others playfully. Then, someone in the group of guys doesn’t like the mad fellow and wanted to punish him. There is a well and they purposely play around the well along with this mad fellow. The mad guy is trying to catch hold of another and suddenly falls down the well. I am watching all the scene from terrace.

When the mad guy falls down the Well, I am shocked. Further, the other guys are simply laughing to each other thinking how they made the mad guy to fall into the well.

From this dream, I realized that many people are living just for entertainment. We even hurt and injure others in the name of Fun. We are into too much enjoyment that we forget the value of Life.

I believe Sai wants me to understand not to hurt anyone and even if someone hurts us, we must not have any kind of grudge on them. We get tensed easily and react harsh to others. Make sure you limit your anger and vengeance. Give respect to life.
Many devotees gets dream and they share it with me. I honestly don’t think am the right person to interpret dreams. I really understand dreams in my own way and even don’t know if I am doing it right.

As of now, I simply want to express that Sai wants us to be happy in life and be entertained. We only have to make sure we care for each other and have humanity during any moment in life.

A devotee Uma Madhavan, Sent a portrait of Goddess Saraswathi from her home and I wish to present it to you along with her mail below…

Jai sai ram..

Please accept and acknowledge the attached picture of Saraswathi Devi for

This is taken at our home . Wishing all the kids to get great focus and shine in studies and arts, and may Goddess Saraswathi bless you all – Uma Madhavan

Saraswathi Painting

May Goddess Saraswathi bless all Sai Children with good thoughts and inspire them to do good deeds.

Goddess Saraswathi
Goddess Saraswathi bless you with good education and wisdom

When ever you face difficulties in Life, do not get fed up.  Worship Sai and Goddess Saraswathi. Learn something new, enhance your skills and make use of it. Your life will be meaningful if you keep the faith strong and believe in yourself.


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