In most companies, Women are treated equality : What you speak is not always what you think

Sairam friends,

I was wondering why every time, some one makes a comment about Women’s rights, they are portrayed as if they have done a big sin. I have always tried by best with StarSai to spread Equality and especially the importance of “Respecting Women” in your life.

I am also a part of few Women’s rights organizations. If you read few articles in StarSai, you can find out the importance I give for equality.

Trust me, I do not find anything wrong in what the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: women should trust that ‘the system will give you the right raises’

Addressing a group of mostly women at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Nadella told the crowd, “It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along.”

“That’s good karma. It will come back,” Nadella said. “That’s the kind of person that I want to trust, that I want to give more responsibility to.”
The idea, apparently, didn’t go over so well with some members of the audience and later he tweeted saying that Women must ask for raise.

If you take me for instance, I support Women in all ways possible but I might have not done the same when I am asked the question in front of a huge audience. I would have simply said something which I think is right in that moment. May be, If I am a  CEO, I must be careful with my words but I just told you what’s good for every Women to trust their Karma – Meaning “Their dedication, sincerity and hardwork.”

The point where he says “Women should not ask for raise” is not right but that may not be happening too. Women working in majority of Companies are seen as valuable resource and their demands for pay raise are accepted. Satya himself may not deny pay raise for a Women Employee if she deserves it.

Now a days, I realize the following happening all over the world.

There are girls and women who suffer and struggle worse and they need our support.
Girls who are educated and working does face some humiliation but they are OK…They are leading much better life than the girls who suffer.

As a feminist myself, I wish my voice is raise for women who really suffer and struggle with various issues.

Let’s focus on what really helps Women and not create bother Satya much.

What you speak is not always what you think

Seems people like me who are not good in the “Art of speaking” must never speak on Stage because I might portray myself as a different person and the world will only misunderstand me.

Pay raise if you ask me does not happens based on gender in most companies. The problem is both Men and Women face similar issue. Some people do nothing and they project as if they did everything and they get good pay raise. There are both Men and Women who feel that they are not offered a good salary or promotion. But when ever a girl is not giving a pay raise, they can raise voice to whole community of Women’s organization that “Since I am a Women, they did not pay me well.’

Where will the Men who did not pay for what they deserve go?

We have no where to go.

Let me clarify something about “Speech”.

When our time is bad, even if we have a good motive, we speak wrongly.

When our time is good, no matter what the situation is, we manage to give the right answer.

My Mom used to tell me “A word can make someone live and also Kill”.

Please forgive Satya and any other comments made causally by anyone including me.

I support Women but I might hurt a girl just because she hurt me. Does that mean, I do not believe in equality. We all are humans basically and we need to love and respect each other.

Women’s organizations must focus on what’s more important and they are. I agree pay raise must be given equality to Men and Women employees in any organizations.


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  1. You have written on a very important topic. I am glad that as a man, you believe in equal rights for women in all aspects of their life. Sadly, in most countries including US, there is gender inequality at work (i.e. less pay for women doing the same job as men and in some cases, women have better skills and work harder).

    I myself have faced gender discrimination in unexpected ways. When I called a cable company to discuss wireless router issues and all the trouble shooting I had done up to that point, the guy listened/agreed and then said “now we will need to unplug some devices and re plug/configure.

    Please call your husband or a man!”. I was furious and I had to politely tell him that in my house, I am the tech geek and I know how to do all that. He then continued and we did fix the problem. It just goes to show the stereotypical attitudes that a lot of men still carry. Jai Sairam!

    Edit: Sairam Rupa, I do agree there is gender discrimination but not always. I know one of my friends brother in other company was worried as girls in their team got promoted when the guys performed equally. May be the numbers on Women discrimination is more.

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