When Saibaba do not want you to do something, he doesn’t tell that directly

Sairam friends,

I have this strange question to Saibaba all these years. Why shouldn’t Saibaba make us avoid doing something that will bring us any difficulty in future? At times, Sai purposely makes us go through something and in the end, we will only regret for what ever happened.

Why can’t Saibaba tell us clearly that he don’t want us to do something. Will it be hard for him to do it. There are few incidents in which Sai has warned me and made me avoid few decision or stop me from doing something. But in few past experiences I had, Sai would have easily made me avoid it initially so that I wouldn’t suffer in future. Why Sai did not do it?

The answer is simple.

Saints does not spoon feed their devotees. They let us take our decision and live our life. When they know that we will learn “Life” only if we go through this bad experience, they let us do what we wish. Further, When we really desire something, Sai will never try to stop us. Sai will do his best to help us fulfill our wishes but may be the world is too cunning and we suffer in the end.

Saibaba does not always bother us especially because saints do not interfere in the Law of Karma. They do but not always. Sai can alter our fate for which we must be pure in heart, do good deeds and show devotion with love.

OK friends.

I spent past 2 days trying to do something useful but seems Sai has some other plans. I just do not understand what his plans for my life are?



2 thoughts on “When Saibaba do not want you to do something, he doesn’t tell that directly”

  1. Om Sairam …
    Shri Sai is making me write this…

    Sometimes it is the experience that charcoal goes through that makes it a diamond…
    But always be sure the end is a diamond no matter what …

    I am everyday praying to him as I am a very new devotee and got pulled in to Shri Sai’s abode just a few months back.. Many times my Faith and Patience is being tested by Shri Sai…
    But He always lends his hand when I start to cry unable to bear the test ….

    Bow to Shri Sai

  2. Om Sai Ram. Sai really tests us may be to help us pay for our past births. But dont know really why, when, where and what happens. Only Sai knows. Jai Sai Ram.

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