Knowledge Karma : Is there a solution for Student loan debt crisis?

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Yesterday, I was watching a documentary about Student Loan debt crisis in the U.S. Many of us living in India assume that people in U.S are well to do and they do not have much to worry about in life. Most American students carry behind them the burden of a big student loan by the time they complete their graduation.

College Tuition has doubled compared to how it was few years back. These students have no option but to depend on these loan to Educate themselves.

Knowledge Karma:

I call it this way because these students are doing something that’s their birth right. They wanted to learn to have a good future. In an effort to Educate themselves, students are also taking responsibility of the burden to payback their loan.

Spiritually speaking, inability to pay back the money you bought from others happens because of your past bad deed. Let’s say you have cheated someone in previous birth. In this birth, you might have to suffer a lot by facing difficulties unable to pay the loan you got. (  Note – I am just assuming as I keep questing reasons for my own sufferings in life. Why I am not able to meet the right girl to marry. It could be because I would have hurt many girls in my previous birth.)

Anyway, Karmic deeds are not same for everyone. Lets leave the previous birth bond here.

If 1000 students are taking a loan to learn, few of them are fortunate enough to get a good Job as soon as they complete their course and they pay back their loan easily. Think about students who are not able to land up in a good Job and who require further Education and again depend on Education loan which adds to their burden.

There are so many NGO’s and Government fund/Scholarship available but irrespective of all the “Good” happening around, we still have students who are unhappy about the Education system.

These students are simply doing what they are supposed to do. They just wanted to do higher studies. Is it right for a Nation to allow the increase of college/university tuition fee so much that they have to spend several years to pay back their loan. Its really not fair and its going to stop many students from continuing their education. Some of them will also face depression because of the responsibility they are forced to take at a young age. Hence I call it “Knowledge Karma”.

Students are forced to face difficulties just because they wanted to enhance their knowledge and skills through good Education.

The most important being, you are making them get into the habit of taking loan for every need in their life.

I am writing this article based on the Student loan debt crisis in the U.S and wish a good solution is provided to them. Affordable Education is good for every Nation as Education is our birth right.

This applies to students in India, Africa, Europe, Australia or any student from any part of the world. When we were kinds, I have seen how my parents had to struggled to Educate my sister and me. Wrote about it in below article.

Education is the Greatest Blessing

Schools in India have become more of a business than service. I wish Universities and colleges here realize the need for affordable Education.

My humble request to Universities and Educational Institutes in the U.S, is to consider offering affordable Education which will be the backbone of its future. Universities need money to pay their staff and I respect teachers more than anyone in this planet. They deserve a good salary and respect but education is birth right of every Man, Women and Child.

Is there a solution for the Student Loan debt crisis?

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